Abbreviation list for anarchy.

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    Hello and welcome to Chickenstew's "slang" list for anarchy!

    The following link contains most of the "normal" runescape slangs.

    Now on to the list.

    GPR = Game Point Rewards (this is our system with which you can buy certain perks for 60min)
    App = Apprentice.
    Comp = Completionist.
    Gauntlet = Infinity gauntlet. (BiS gloves)
    Stones = the Stones for the gauntlets. (;;stones)
    GS = General store. (;;Gs)
    GE = Grand exchange. (;;Ge)
    BK = Boss kills (;;BK)

    Slash = Slash Bash.
    Jads = mostly refers to Sirenic jads.
    WW = WildyWyrm.
    Kbd = King Black dragon.
    KQ = Kalphite Queen.
    Qbd = Queen Black dragon.
    Sara,Bandos,Arma,Zammy = Refers to their respective bosses.
    Cerb = Cerberus.
    Corp = Corporeal Beast.
    Tok champ = Tok-Haar-Ket champion.
    Freet = Sunfreet.
    Merc mage = mercenary mage.
    Dag father = Dagannoth father.
    Vork = Vorkath.
    Rax = Araxxor.


    Vang/BM/Trick = Vanguard/Battle-Mage/Trickster armor set.
    DL = Deathlotus (set from gobby)
    SUP(DL or Seasinger) = The superiour version of their respective armor sets.
    Sir = Sirenic armor.
    Malev = Malevolent armor.
    Elite T = Elite Torva.
    Tect = Tectonic Armor.
    Carp = Carapace.(mostly refers to the gear dropped by Sand crabs)
    Dce / DCF = Death cape (e) and Death cape (f).
    FBC = final boss cape.
    Coon shield = Raccoon shield.
    Trooper = Skull trooper armor set.
    Justi = Justiciar's armor set.
    Prims = Primordial boots
    Eternals = Eternal boots
    Pegs = Pegasian boots
    Ass armor = Assassin armor set.

    Row (e) = Ring of Wealth(e).
    Rol z = Ring of Life(z).
    RoS = Ring of Success. (row e + rol z + 20b cash)
    RoD = Ring of Death. (ros + Hydrix)
    Dag ring = Dagannoth ring.
    Souls = Amulet of souls.
    Tort = Amulet of torture.
    Ances ammy = Ancestral amulet.
    Telos = Telos's amulet.

    Asc = Ascension crossbow.
    SoV = Scythe of virtur.
    Sang Staff = Sanguinesti Staff.
    QF = Quick-Fire.
    Abby dagger = abyssal dagger.
    Nox = noxious weaponery.
    Seis Wand = Seismic wand.
    Flammy = Blazing Flamberge.
    Tz rap = Tzhaar Rapier.
    Misc / currency :
    GT = Golden Ticket.
    VT = Vote Token.
    BT = Boss Token.
    AT = Assassin Token.
    DT = Donator Token.
    Ckeys = Crystal keys.
    Asct = Ascension Token.
    Hween = Halloween mask.
    Phat = Party hat.
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    This looks very good chiken great work!

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