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    A staff member has the right to use custom punishments if a situation occurs for it, these rules are a guideline for you the players to abide by, not on how the staff members should punish people.

    (Jailable Offences)
    -Using marcos or auto clickers to train skills, to stay in combat or to avoid the afk timer.
    1st Offence - 3 hours jail
    2nd Offence - 12 hours jail
    3rd Offence - 48 hour ban.

    - Multiplogging for Pking purposes or using multiple accounts at the same boss.
    1st Offence - Warning, you will be sent home if you are afk and have a warning when you return.
    2nd Offence - 12 hours jail.
    3rd Offence - 24 hours jail.

    Safe Spotting
    Using safe spots for bossing or luring bots into the wilderness.
    1st Offence -
    2nd Offence -
    3rd Offence -

    - Scamming people in gambles or agreeing to split loot and not spiting.
    1st Offence - Jail until a payout has been made
    2nd Offence - Account termination

    -Please make sure you have a staff members permission before giving away large quantities of items.
    1st Offence- Warning
    2nd Offence - Jail
    3rd Offence - Ironman rank added to your account

    (Mutable offences)
    -Flaming staff or fellow players, we like to keep the environment toxic free so no flaming in the friends chat, yell or in public areas, this includes flaming staff because you have been punished by them, if you feel a punishment is incorrect please contact Kit on discord. Flaming also includes but is not limited to racism and sickness insults.
    1st Offence - Warning
    2nd Offence - 3 hour mute (if you switch to another account you will be ipmuted for 24 hours).
    3rd Offence - 24 hour mute (if you switch to another account you will be ipmuted until a staff member decides to unmute you)

    - Excessive spamming in the friends chat or in public areas.
    1st Offence - Warning
    2nd Offence - 1 hour mute
    3rd offence 12 hour mute

    (Banable offences)
    - Advertising other servers with the intent to get players to visit.
    1st Offence - Account termination.

    Bug Abuse
    - Abusing in-game bugs for personal gain or to crash the server.
    1st Offence - Accounts termination.

    Real World Trading
    - Selling anything on anarchy for any other form of goods outside of anarchy
    1st Offence - Warning, if a transaction has already taken place you will be banned.
    2nd Offence - Account termination.

    Buying and selling accounts
    -Buying and selling accounts is not allowed, this is because we don't want to deal with people trying to recover them.
    1st Offence - Account Termination

    If you threaten to hack or Ddos people you will be warned only once to stop, we take account security seriously.
    1st Offence - Warning
    2nd Offence - Account Termination.

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