Basic PvP Guide + Tips for getting 1k Kill Streak

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    This guide is not meant to make you a God Pker. It's mostly to help players figure out a decent gear setup along with some tips and tricks for people trying to achieve 1k Kill Streak for the Soul stone/infinity gauntlets.
    Like most things, you'll have to just practice and figure it out along the way - so get out there and start slaying.
    (let me know if I've missed anything and i'll add it in later).

    Tips before Starting
    - use ;;ks to check your current kill streak
    - Save a Preset, will make regearing much faster

    Melee is the meta for fast and consistent kills so this guide will focus on Melee gear. Feel free to play around with other styles/setups.

    A good basic setup most anyone can use:

    Everything here besides the cape can be bought on the ;;GE
    A max set melee setup

    Fishbowl - from elite donator shop, LR300 from VIP zone, Ring of Power (e) 550k pvp tokens, Emergency teleport - pvp shop or bank keys

    Gear Progression:
    Helm: Fishbowl > Serp helm > Statius > Bandos > Neitiznot
    Body: Vesta > Bandos > Statius > Fighter Torso
    Legs: Vesta > Bandos > Statius > Barrows
    Gloves: Torva > Goliath gloves (black) > Culinaromancer's gloves 10 (aka barrows gloves)
    Boots: Torva > Steadfast > Dragon > Climbing boots
    Ring: Ring of power (e) > Berserker ring (i) > Berserker ring > Recoil
    Amulet: Saradomin's whisper > Blood Necklace > Fury > Glory
    Cape: Comp Cape > Tokharr-Kal (fight kiln) > Pk Master Cape (200 kill streak) > Fire cape > 120 capes
    Shield: (personal preference) Valentine, Divine, Avernic Defender, Dragon Defender

    Main Hand Weapon:
    Torva Spear (2h) > Brutal Whip > Lightsaber (12 referral tokens) > Chaotic rapier > Abyssal whip

    Spec Weapon:
    Zaros godsword, Blazing Flamberge, Dragon Claws, Dds, Armadyl Godsword, Korasi, Granite Maul, Vesta Longsword,

    Mostly personal preference. Zaros gs, Flamberge and AGS are all the same spec, just slightly different stats. Try out different weapons and use what works best for you!

    Although you're technically allowed to bring full torva/nex gear, I wouldn't recommend it. If your HP is too high, the "other players" wont attack you as I'll explain a little later. At most, you can bring torva gloves and boots.

    1. ;;edge (wildy lvl 1-5)
    2. ;;easts (wildy lvl 9-13)
    3. ;;wests (wildy lvl 15-20)
    4. ;;mb (wildy lvl 50+)
    5. Can also pvp in the SAFE free for all portal just south of Home


    Mechanics of "other players"
    1. If you safe too high up past your hp using rocktails/brews, the "other players" will simply teleport away from you as soon as you attack them.
    2. If the "other players" freeze you and start farcasting you, you can either use a range weapon to make them switch back to melee, or you can pray mage and they will instantly come back in with melee. I prefer bringing a range weapon, because switching prayers can become quite annoying.

    Tips for Grinding 1k Kill Streak
    1. Keep an emergency teleport on you at all times - Allows you to teleport to safety from any level wilderness, and even while tbed.

    2. DO NOT pk at ;;edge - You have a much higher chance of dying at ;;edge because everyone uses veng. Ive killed myself several times because of that. It's much safer, although slightly more annoying, to pk at ;;easts, ;;wests, ;;mb

    3. Go for Low Hanging Fruit - Basically attack anyone who looks the easiest to kill. People in full rune or addy, People just barely in your combat range. Avoid people in Full DH - they tend to be much tankier and fights can last a while unless you get a lucky spec on them.

    4. BEWARE OF FLAMBERGE - Flamberge, korasi and claws are probably the most dangerous spec weapons to go up against. Ive nearly lost my kill streak because "other players" specced over a 90+ on me.

    5. No Shame, No Honor - You can even pray melee when you think the "other player" is going to spec. They will put on pray melee too, but you can make them waste their special attack on you and you can be much safer. Dont be afraid to eat up to full after every hit. It's better safe than sorry.

    6. Don't Worry About Looting - Looting everything means more banking which means less kills per hour. Grinding 1k ks you want to be going as fast as possible. The only thing I loot are artifacts, bank keys and the occasional brawling gloves.

    7. When in Doubt, Tele Out - Home tele out whenever you're in a risky situation, dont forget to pray melee also!

    8. MAGE BANK EVENTS - Occassionally there are mage bank events @ ;;mb This is probably where you grind the most kill streak because you can attack lvl 70ish pures which are basically all 1 or 2 hit.

    9. LR300 is OP - If you have access to it, I'd definitely recommend using it for this grind. It saves you having to run all the way up to your opponent. You can just drag them in. Also, when the "other players" start farcasting you, you can quickly switch to the LR300.
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