ClueScroll Guide (with pictures)

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    Hello, this is a complete clue scroll location guide with the quickest way to get to them, simple use crtl+f to quickly find the clue hint you are looking for and open the spoiler.

    - Quest tab > Teleports > Skilling > Smithin > Yanille Anviles > Then just go behind the building you are teleported into.[​IMG]

    - Teleport to barrows then run East to Mort'ton and into the swamp, it will be at the mouth southen path.[​IMG]

    - Spell book > Home Teleport > Cities > Teleport to Seer's Village then run South West to a house behind McGrubor's Wood[​IMG]

    - Spell book > Home Teleport > Cities > Teleport to Falador > Run east until you see the rock formations (past gamers grotto).[​IMG]

    - Skilling Teleports > Farming > Ardougne Monastary > Run North East until you see the mysterious statue.[​IMG]

    - Spell Book > Home Teleports > Citires > Teleport to Seer's Village > run North towards rock crabs location, you will want to stop at the 2nd bend in the path near the music icon.[​IMG]

    - Farming Teleports > North Ardougne > Walk Directly south easts until you see the benches/bears.[​IMG]

    - Skilling Teleports > Farming > Ardougne Monastery > Run North- west until you see the clock tower and search the boxes.[​IMG]

    - Spell Book > Home Teleport > Citires > Taverly > Walk directly east into the building.[​IMG]

    Spell Book > Home Teleport > Cities > Varrock > Walk west just past the bridge.[​IMG]

    - Spell Book > Home Teleport > Cities > Falador > walk North towards the statue.[​IMG]

    - Skilling Teleports > Thieving > H.A.M Base > Do the lean Emote. [​IMG]

    - Quest tab > Skilling Teleports > Agility > Wilderness Agility course > Walk East until you see the lava pits on the floor.[​IMG]

    - Skilling Teleports > Woodcutting > Dreanor Willows > Walk slightly South of the telport location.[​IMG]

    - Teleport to ::Gamble > Walk north towards to observatory but go around it towards the east until you see Goblins gathered around a fire.[​IMG]

    - Teleport to ;;chill and click on Rimmington > Walk North west as if you are going towards the crafting guild.[​IMG]

    - Boss Teleports > Corporeal Beast > Exit the cave > Use the clap emote.[​IMG]

    - Teleport to ;;chill > Click on Rimmington > Walk directly West towards the building with a Fenced area.[​IMG]

    - Spell Book > Home Teleport > Cities > Varrock > Run East to the eastern mining location.[​IMG]

    - Skilling Teleports > Woodcutting > Dreanor Willows > Run south to the wizards tower (Over the large bridge) [​IMG]

    - Teleport to ;;chill > West Varrock Bank > Go down the stairs > Jid by the gate.[​IMG]

    - Spell Book > Home Teleport > Cities > Port Sarim > Run South until you reach a beach, past the smithing master until you see a lone tree > Dance near that tree.[​IMG]

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