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    Welcome to the Ultimate Completionist Cape Guide!
    For the easier requirements, you can find a quick explanation in the spoilers. For more complicated requirements this post will serve as more of a Hub linking to other guides that are either made by myself or by other players/staff.

    Why Get Comp Cape?
    It's one of the biggest achievements on Anarchyscape. It's the 2nd Best in slot cape in the game (becomes BIS when combined with infinity gauntlets). Provides Unlimited Overload and Prayer Renewal. Can customize colors to whatever you like!

    What are the requirements?
    Below you can see the entire list of requirements needed for Comp cape. You can also type in ;;req or ;;reqs in-game. You can use ctrl+F or cmd+F to navigate this guide more easily.

    Tips BEFORE starting:
    - Start the Penguin and Sink Hole reqs early (use ;;events to see current spawn)
    Hardcore xp Mode DO NOT have a prestige requirement - all other modes do.
    - Typically recommend switching to Regular Mode (for easier prestige/maxing more quickly). Skip to "Prestige" section for more info. (you can change your game mode at any time in Noticeboard -> Settings -> Game Mode)
    - Save all the skilling rocks that you get along the way. You'll need them later on to create Lucien teleports.
    - Take your time and enjoy the ride!

    SHORT (under 1 hour)
    1. I must have defeated the final boss of Recipe for Disaster
    How to Get There:
    Minigames -> 2nd page -> Recipe For Disaster

    Just bring your best gear, some food/brews/restores, and kill all the bosses.
    2. I must have completed the Fight Caves minigame
    The Fight Caves are very easy, even for someone who's never done it before. Click here for a simple guide to Fight Caves.
    3. I must have completed the Fight Kiln minigame
    If the Fight caves were easy for you, the Fight Kiln is not much harder. Click here for a simple guide to Fight Kiln.
    4. I must have spent at least 5mil gp on my house
    Go to any house portal and all you have to do is Build and remove rooms. The quickest one is Treasure Room, the very last option.

    osts 250k GP (even though it says 25,000 golden tickets its really only 250k gp). As far as I know, there is no level requirement to build this room.
    5. I must have voted for the server in order to support it (5)
    6. I must have tested my luck and spun the Squeal of Fortune (125)
    You get spins just by playing the game. If you've been playing for a little bit, you probably have a good number of spins saved up. You can access Squeal of Fortune in the Bottom left icon (make sure you dismiss your pet first).
    If you want to grind this requirement out quickly, Slash Bash is a good boss that drops spins commonly.
    7. I must have stolen from a Hero in Ardougne (150)
    Requires 80 thieving
    8. I must have cut a large amount of Diamonds (1000)
    Unfortunately, you can't buy uncut diamonds on the GE. The fastest way would be to try to buy them at the POS (player owned stores). Alternatively you can go to the "Main Shops" npc at home -> skilling -> crafting store. He keeps 100 uncut diamonds in stock. I buy them, cut them. And by the time I finish cutting them he usually has some more in stock. (make sure to save your crafting rocks!)
    9. I must have infused and created Summoning Pouches (500)
    Simply go to any Summoning Obelisk and left click "infuse-pouch). Click on different pouches to see what ingredients you need to make them. Buy the ingredients, shards, pouches from the summoning supplies store and start making pouches. Right click - infuse all.

    Use ;;b or ctrl+b to access the bank faster
    I like to use ;;CH -> Koldhart. He has a nice setup for summoning
    10. I must have completed the Bar Crawl
    @Apple made an easy to follow guide for the Bar Crawl here
    11. I must have smelted Cannon Balls (800)
    Must have completed the Dwarf Cannon Quest -> Right click, Add the Ammo Mould to your tool belt. Then go to any furnace and USE steel bars on the furnace. Best place to get steel bars is ;;ch -> Go to another person's house -> type in "Koldhart" -> summoning supplies 1 npc sells 1000 at a time.
    12. I must have mined a large amount of Runite Ore (140)
    Can easily do this at ;;Skilling or you can come check out my Custom Home for all the rune rocks you'll ever need! ;;ch -> go to another person's house -> type in "mama bear"
    13. I must have 100 kills in safe zones (not streak)
    You can find the SAFE PvP zone just south of Home tele


    I would recommend running North into the Multi area. This way you can get faster kills without the delay of PJ timer. (Some gear is restricted, similar to the wild/fight caves - For a simple guide to Gearing for Pking click here).
    14. I must have solved and looted Clue Scrolls (20)
    Getting Clues:
    If you PvM with ;;gpr bank loots on you probably have some clue scrolls already. The easier the clue, the more likely to complete. You can examine the clue to see your chance of completing it. Elites are the most annoying, but unfortunately are the easiest ones to get just from bossing/raids. Dagganoths or other Slayer monsters would be a decent way to farm up medium/hard clues.

    Solving Clues:
    You can find a pretty decent Clue Scroll Guide here by @Seven. If one of your steps is not listed on this guide, you can just drop the clue scroll and move on to the next one.

    MEDIUM (1-3 hours)
    1. I must have raided Sink Holes when they appeared (20)
    Really well made Sink Holes guide by @Seven
    All you have to do is find the sink hole, and enter it. You can see the current sink hole by doing ;;events. Changes every 20-40 mins.

    This is what a sink hole looks like:
    2. I must have harvested Wood and Fruit Trees (60)
    At ;;Skilling you will find One (1) Fruit Tree patch, and One (1) Normal Tree Patch. You can buy most tree seeds on the ;;GE -> simply rake the patch and plant the seed. After some time the tree will either grow or die. Just keep repeating until completion. *it helps to use a supercompost on the patch

    If you want to do more of a full "Tree run" here are some other tree patches:
    Skilling teleports -> Farming -> Gnome Stronghold / Lletya / Lumbridge.
    Another easy Normal tree patch is just North of Varrock square. Can buy Varrock Teleport tabs on the ;;GE
    (Falador Garden and Catherby fruit tree don't work because they are the same ones at ;;Skilling).
    3. I must have looted any type of impling. (500)
    How to Get There:

    - Purchase a Magic Butterfly Net from Skilling shops (quest tab -> skilling shops -> hunter)
    - Teleport to Puro Puro and go to town. You do NOT need impling jars.
    - Relatively fast req, good hunter xp. Often times like 20 or so Dragon implings will stack in a corner :)
    4. I must have successfully won Castle Wars (15)
    I think most of you know how this minigame works so I won't be making a full guide. My BIGGEST TIP is to CHOOSE SARADOMIN. This may be fixed in future updates, but currently Saradomin for whatever reason wins most games. Zamorak tends to bug out and your other "teammates" wont capture any flags. Very occasionally Saradomin will bug out too.

    To GUARANTEE yourself a WIN: choose Saradomin team -> Rush the opposing castle and be the first to capture the flag and score the first point. After that, you can just wait until the game ends.
    5. I must have picked Sq'irks from the Summer Garden (100)
    How to get there:
    Minigames -> 3rd page -> Sorceresses Garden -> NORTH room

    The most consistent way I've found to "one-click" successfully is by watching the First summer Elemental.

    Just as it is arriving at the wall, you want to click the Sq'irk tree.
    There are other times you can one click, but this is the simplest way I've found.


    6. I must have defeated the Pest Queen at the end of Pest Invasion (1)
    This is an extremely simple minigame. I would bring your best melee gear, brews/restores, overloads, prayer renewals, & purple sweets/fury sharks. All it is is fighting the monsters you'd find in Pest Control. 50 Waves in all, somewhat afk with Soulsplit. But in the later waves you do need to eat.

    Can be found on the second page of Minigames Teleports
    7. I must have succesfully captured Grenwalls in Isfador (375)
    Requires 77 Hunter, can be found in skilling teleports -> Hunter -> Grenwalls

    You can Buy box traps on the ;;GE. I like to just go in a straight line laying down boxes, then once they're all filled, I go ahead and loot them. This is a great way to train hunter to 99 and beyond in the process. And remember to save your hunter rocks!
    8. I must have fished a load of rocktails (400)
    How to get there: Skilling teleports -> fishing -> Living Rock Cavern

    - Run a bit south from the teleport spawn, and kill "Living Rock Protector" and Mine their dead body. You'll use these minerals as bait.
    - After you collected some minerals, you can start fishing for Rocktails.
    - Turn on ;;gpr Bank skills to get your AFK on :)
    - Save your fishing rocks!
    9. I must have successfully cooked any type of fish (1000)
    Pretty straightforward. You can purchase Raw food on the ;;GE
    Save your cooking rocks!
    10. I must have chopped walls of Choking Ivy (1250)
    Quite boring, but easy. Skilling teleports -> woodcutting -> Varrock Palace
    Save your WC rocks!
    11. I must have looted the Crystal Chest (150)
    Crystal chest aka "closed chest" is right next to the bank at ;;Home

    Crystal keys are obtained from random monsters/bosses, like Slash Bash or Hati. Can also be bought in the Ecto-Token Store (simply click on ecto token to open the shop).
    Each key costs 15k ecto tokens, would need 2250k ecto tokens for all 150 crystal keys.

    LONG (3 hours+)
    1. I must have the highest possible level in every skill (2496)
    Get lvl 99 in every skill and lvl 120 dungeoneering
    2. I must have spotted many Penguins from Hide and Seek (50)
    Penguin Guide made by @Seven

    - Start this requirement early
    - Use ;;events to see current spawn
    - The guide is organized by Type of penguin (Bush, Shroom, Barrel, Cactus, Crate, Pumpkin, Rock, Snowman)
    3. I must have killed any of the bosses in the Dominion Tower (150)
    How to Get There:
    Minigames -> 1st page -> Dominion Tower -> Run North East to the building / Minigame Icon

    - Once inside, go up the stairs on the west and choose "Endurance" mode (it's the only one that works)
    - Go through the gates and fight your boss. After it says "you win" you can tele Home and it will teleport you back to the lobby
    - Repeat
    *The hardest boss you'll face is Nomad. You can save time by just dying to him if you don't have good enough gear to kill him

    After you finish your 150 boss kills here, you can exit the boss room to the East and claim your reward chest.
    4. I must have defeated the army of trolls in Troll Invasion (20)
    20 Waves, with increasing amounts of trolls each wave. This is one of the fastest "long" reqs
    How to get there:
    Minigames -> 3rd page -> Troll Invasion

    Bring your best Mage gear, Runes for Blood barrage, and run a bit north west to the Ally way.
    You will take some falling rock damage so you will need to eat food, but as the waves go on and there are more monsters, your blood barrage heals paired with Soul Split are usually enough.

    Set blood barrage to autocast
    Can buy runes from ;;GE
    Can get your apprentice to help
    5. I must have completed every quest and received quest points (only need 21)
    Thankfully you only need to get a total of 21 Quest Points. You DO NOT need to complete every quest.
    I recommend doing the quests you remember from Runescape, like Romeo and Juliet. Then any quests you can find guides on the forums. Finally, all the custom quests are usually pretty fast and easy.

    Here are the quests I did to reach 21 qp:
    Apple's Birthday, Dwarf Cannon, Sheep Shearer, Demon Slayer, Imp Catcher, Hadyn's Quest, 2jz's Quest, Cook's assistant, Romeo & Juliet, Timmy Needs Help, Vihtic's Quest, Easter Quest.
    6. I must have completed Hard Slayer tasks (25)
    Requires 75 Slayer and 110 combat.
    Talk to slayer master just south of the bank -> Single-player slayer task -> Hard Task
    7. I must have burnt a large amount of logs (2500)
    Another very straightforward requirement. You can burn logs traditionally, or opt to add-logs to any fire for a more afk method.

    Pro Tip:
    If you don't have enough logs banked from bossing/wcing, you can buy some maple logs on the ;;GE
    8. I must have defeated many teams on Stealing Creation (15 wins)
    This is one of the most time consuming requirements. Games are 20mins each and unlike Castle wars, there's no real trick to winning the game. I noticed that even if I went fully tryhard the points I got would not make any difference from my team winning or losing.

    Collecting/making resources is actually a really great way to train some of the skills you don't like.
    For those of you who are curious how the minigame works, you can find a brief guide on Stealing Creation here.

    Tldr; you can 100% afk, or do some skilling while you wait.
    9. I must have made 2 Lucien Teleports (2)
    There are 15 skilling rocks in total: Runecrafting, Construction, Agility, Herblore, Thieving, Crafting, Fletching, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting, Farming

    Skills with no rocks (anything related to combat):
    prayer, dungeoneering, slayer, summoning

    You'll need TWO of each rock for this requirement. (they are tradeable, so you can Try buying rocks)

    Once you have the rocks, just withdraw 1 of each, and use them on each other to make a "Strange tele orb" aka a Lucien teleport.
    10. I must have explored and completed Dungeons in Daemonheim (75)
    Complete 75 dungeons. Find my full Dungeoneering guide here.
    11. I must have completed laps around the Advanced Barb Course (250)
    How to get there:
    Skilling teleports -> Agility -> Barb Outpost

    The only difference between the Advanced and Normal route is: After the Log Balance, you go south towards the Wall, instead of the usual obstacle net.
    12. I must have gained 10 prestige tokens (Not required for Hardcore modes)
    Notes (please read):
    - If you are a hardcore xp mode, you will not see this requirement.
    - The lower your xp rate, the more prestige you will get.
    - The 1st and 2nd time you prestige it will reset your Combat skills (atk/str/def/mage/range/pray/summoning), the 3rd and 6th time it will reset all skills.
    - Sort of a Catch 22. I typically recommend being on Regular xp mode for easier re-maxing. But you will get more prestige tokens on a reset by being on a lower xp mode (challenging/difficult)
    - Although it says you need 2181 total level to prestige, it is incorrect. You actually need MAX total level.
    - If you do want to switch your game mode you can do so in the noticeboard -> settings -> game mode

    How to Get There:
    Just east of ;;home -> right next to Skillcapes Shop npc

    Talk to the Prestige Shop npc, and select option 1.

    Continue with dialogue until it asks you "Would you like to prestige"?
    This is how you check how many tokens you will get.
    I recommend making your First prestige give you as close to 10 tokens as possible
    Get some more xp in combat stats and check back. (I got 9 tokens my first prestige on Regular mode)

    After you confirm. Go ahead and re-max all the stats that were reset. Repeat if necessary. Ideally, you will get 10 prestige tokens (finishing the req) by your 2nd prestige.

    Wohoo ~~ You did it!! Congrats!
    Run slightly east from the Home tele spawn -> talk to Skillcape Shops npc -> Achievement capes

    Inside the shop you'll notice two different Completionist Capes. One costing 50m, the other costing 200m.


    The only difference between the two is that the 50m cape has a white glow, and the 200m cape has an orange glow.
    Buy one of each and see which one you like better. You can always sell it back or you can put the other one on your Apprentice!

    What's Next?
    Infinity gauntlets. HAHAHAHA HAVE FUN
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