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    1. Starting & training
    2. Slash bash
    3. Useful information
    4. What's next?

    Starting & training
    • Hardcore iron men start with additional gear - hc armor & hc scythe. This scythe is very very powerful, you will use it till the endgame, using the scythe is tricky - it does 1-3 hits to monsters, depending on the size of the monster. Larger monsters = more hits. So weapon like carapace dagger can be better than scythe at some places.
    • Hardcore ironmen start with legendary donator (worth $200 in game dollars, 1b (golden ticket) can be traded for 7 dollars) so they can use ::bank :):b) even in combat, however when you level up it force closes bank. So utilize this ability.
    • Make sure to check out ::gpr as it's one of the best QoL command in the whole game. ::bankdrops => ::drops => toggle to bank all drops. You get points for skilling / killing stuff / voting / doing various activities. Pvming is probably fastest way to get points
    • For less spam in chat you can use ::showgamepoints (to show/hide gamepoints you recieve) & ::showdrops (to see/hide banked drops)
    • Everyone gets apprentice as they start, essentially it's additional character that you can train, gear and use to help you fight monsters! To control the apprentice use the orb that's given at the start, enable or disable / call it / send it to train. You should send it to train @ ::train right away so it will become more useful to you later on. To do so right click orb => train => 2nd option => train @ ::train. Examine apprentice to check its levels, apprentice must meet the item requirements to wear it, like players do. Trade it to give items for it to use.
    • Use pendants to level up faster, apprentice can use pendant to get faster experience too (use prayer one on it only)
    Ecto token shop = main shops => combat => 2nd page => ecto tokens shop
    At the start you probably want to spend all ecto tokens from ::slash on pendants, later on spend them on crystal keys

    Head to ::train The goal is to get 43 prayer
    Kill ice spiders till 20ish att & str,
    then kill ice elementals for big bones, either kill ice elementals till 43 prayer or when you're around 40 hp you can try killing slash bash without protect from melee, their max hit is around 15, so don't go lower than that.
    I chose to kill slash before even 43 prayer because 1 ourg bones = 10 big bones, experience wise, you can just stick to killing ice elementals or fish & cook some food to kill slash safely till 43 pray, but who wants to skill AM I RITE?
    Teleport to ::edge and use nurse to heal to full, restore prayer and restore even special attack.

    Slash bash
    After you get 43 prayer, protect from melee and head to ::slash
    make sure you use ::bankdrops => ::drops => toggle to bank all drops
    check ::gpr for other useful gamepoint rewards
    You want to kill slash bash for multiple things : ourg bones (use on altar while wearing prayer pendant), crystal keys (use at ::home chest, you can get ovls, brews, restores, mystery boxes, dollars & more),
    ecto tokens (see shop above), obliteration (decent magic weapon), decimation (decent ranged weapon), anihilation - not so good, but can be alched for 750m cash, pet - +50% drop rate increase / can be alched for 500m cash; there are other drops like muddy keys (guide here) which give dtd.

    Useful information
    • :: party is your friend, party happens each hour, regular players get items, but iron men get points. There are multiple things iron men can buy for those points but best thing seems to be deathtouch darts (dtd) 5 points each. In my experience I get 2-55 points, which is 0-11 deathtouch darts. Amazing! To check time when next party happens write 'whens party' in help fc and you will get an answer (there is a bot that listens for for messages and provides answers)
    • When you get $400, ::tz zone is unlocked where you can buy golden cannon ( can hold 180 cballs), purple sweets - stackable food that heals 20hp (200 on x10)
    • Vote daily for a dtd, on weekends you get x3 dtd, make sure to exploit that ;)
    • Dying in raids is a safe death, so when hunting for ::noxious, might as well do ::raids2 and get same stuff + some fury sharks which heal 50hp (500 on x10)
    • After playing for a while you will receive 1k loyalty points each 30mins of non afk gameplay, one of the best if not the best aura in the game - vampyrism aura

    What's next?
    If I would start another HCIM I would get items in this approximate sequence :
    Carapace dagger x2, carapace set for apprentice, might as well grab coral cbow from sand crab king (sand crabs)
    Blood necklace x2 heals you rarely and has decent stats(giant mole)
    crystal keys / muddy keys / ecto tokens (for x2 zerk rings I, and other stuff) LOTS of slash bash (slash bash)
    super antifires (for qbd, kbd) & super antipoisions (for ::noxious, kbd, princess (purple sweets) and some other bosses posion)(bandos boss)
    raccoon scythe, a scythe for apprentice for large bosses like kbd/corp (::noxious / raids2 first boss - kill & tele out)
    kbd heads x2 + slayer helm x2 => KBD slayer helm x2, super op for the effort imo, also can get death cape, 1/175 chance to insta kill stuff, has decent stats too (kbd + some slayer)
    ring of wealth e, either from revs / pvp tokens = killing bots, got mine from 220 bot kills, along with 20b cash (row e has chance to double drops, one of the best items to get, I'd say a must before starting to pvm properly) (revs/pvp bots)
    ring of life z (combine with row e to make ring of success, has decent stats, chance to double drops, dr increase) (qbd)
    vanguard for apprentice (qbd / vorago)
    final boss cape (1k boss tokens) (any boss that gives boss tokens, corp is very nice, quick kills) (corp, but other bosses will do too)

    Hope this will help to someone! :)
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