Cook's Assistant (Ironman Friendly)

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    Hi, this is a Ironman friendly guide to cooks assistant! If you are not Ironman you can just use ge for the items and finish in it 2.8374738 seconds.

    Firstly Head over to lumbridge and talk to the chef to start the quest.

    The chef will ask you for some items for a cake for the dukes birthday! You must hurry and get them.

    Locations on map of where you will be heading (as ironman)

    Firstly a bucket of milk, type ::gs and grab you self a bucket from the store and head over to the lumbridge cows (see map above), just simply have the bucket in your invent and click on the dairy cow, simple.

    The egg, since we are near the cows lets hop over to the chicken pen just across the path and grab and egg off the floor, you can kill them for an egg to if you're into that.

    Now for the Flour, lets head over to the wheat fields and grab a wheat, one will do we are not trying to stop world hunger just make a cake.

    Now lets head on into the mill, before you go up the ladder you will notice a empty pot of the table, go ahead and pick that up then go upstairs.
    - Now that we are up here use the wheat in your invent on the mill then click on the controls (see image) and the pot you picked up earlier will magically fill with wheat, woohooo!

    Now lets take all this stuff back to the chef and cash in for our reward.
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