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    , so within this AMAZING custom server you are able to have you're own custom home :):ch). You are able to do what ever you would like with it as long as you've got TIME, And a donator rank to add monsters. (People lend donator ranks if you ask before they log off 50% of the time) This is just a guide to show you how it works. I will try to make it as LEAST confusing as possibleeeeee !

    You will start by typing ::ch in chatbox and hit enter!


    you will end up at the back of your ch go north to the front of the custom home


    Now that you've made it infront of you're house it's time to get to the settings for ::ch (Custom home if you've forgotten)


    You're given thousand of different options to customize your home. It's quite cool and i really enjoy it. Maybe you will too! A good tip is keeping a notepad with the ::Coords x/y saved so you can keep them in order. Most skills work in ::ch but a few do not. Runecrafting from rune span doesn't work, agility doesn't work, slayer, and constructions, If any ideas let me know and ill update this!!!!

    Reminder: Do not click place on land unless you're happy with where it is!! And you need Donator to spawn Combat Npcs.
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