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    IRL Name (Optional) - Drop City (Jack)
    How old are you? - 25
    Where are you from? - Nebraska
    What Time Zone are you in? - Central (CST)
    Your average amount of gameplay per week? - I will typically play 2-4 hours every morning and 2-6 hours every evening summing up to about 25-35 hours per week
    How do you think you can help us here at Anarchy? - Been around the server since 2016 so I have some old knowledge of the server. I am also quite active in the friends chat with helping players already to understand how to complete tasks on the server. I've also done a service for a player on Anarchy to help with their ;;reqs for completionist. Being a support member I believe would help players direct questions towards me more directly instead of passively through the friends chat.
    Why do you deserve a staff position over other players? - Having been a member of the server for years I have had loyalty with only one break in gameplay. That break came when the server was with some staff I did not agree with frequently. Otherwise, I have been a frequent player of Anarchy with a vast knowledge of items and boss killing.
    Goals? - To help Anarchy have a higher player retention as well as gain more players to increase activity of the server.
    Do you have discord? - Yes (Drop City)
    Are you aware if you abuse your staff powers you will be either banned or demoted depending on the circumstances (y/n)? - Yes

    Thanks, see you guys in game!

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