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Should dollars be fixed :)

  1. Yes so I can waste more of my savings

  2. No because I want donator bonus back for my double t rapiers

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  3. Dino shutup

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    So at the moment I think everyone is aware that;

    After spending $50 on the online store, (assuming you also have 100% donator bonus) you will receive 400 dollars, this is to equal roughly 30b give or take maybe a few depending on sell price ingame.

    If you spend only $40 on the online store to purchase a single Hylian Shield (now that donator bonus is no longer for items) you will receive about still 40b ingame for selling it. So just by spending $10 less and putting maybe one day into trying to sell the shield you make a profit.

    Personally, I am keen on donating but until the store is back to a equal state, and therefore logical to donate for dollars not just items to break the economy. Being trying to get this fixed since I got back :)

    (Sorry for grammar errors im tired its 3am)
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