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    Anarchyscape Full Command List

    The command list in the game may not be full and detailed, so I decided to write one up for everyone. I may have missed a few or given the wrong explanation due to the lack of information, so please don’t bash me too much and let me know so that I may update the guide. The command prefix :: and ;; can be used interchangeably.

    ::home/::h/::skilling – Home
    ::erin/::h2 – Alternative home

    • ::changehome – switches between the two homes
    ::sal - Location works similar to home, has all the NPC and skilling. North of map has Sal's Worm to kill
    ::customhome/::ch – custom homes. For further understanding, please read this
    ::chill – Choices: Grand Exchange, West Varrock Bank, Rimmington, Kingdom of Kandarin
    ::train – Training grounds
    ::train2 – Alternative training grounds
    ::sc – Stealing Creation
    ::ring – Fairy ring
    ::event – Teleports you to current event
    ::deep – Wilderness, between lava maze and the forgotten cemetery
    ::edge – Edgeville, in front of wilderness border
    ::slash/:: pool – slash bash (or the pool that’s near slash bash)
    ::qbd – Queen Black Dragon(Requires Summoning skill level 60 to teleport)
    ::raids – Raids (weapons)

    • ::raids <player's name> - allows you to join another player, however they need to accept for you to join in
    ::raids2 - Raids2 (armors)
    ::raids3 - Raids3 (Requires Completionist Cape)
    ::yaks – Yaks
    ::tzhaar – Boss Tzhaar Brute
    ::hati – Hati boss, located in wilderness
    ::chicken – A empty place, filled with random stuff around, and also bosses to the east
    :: penguin – Pengu King (Requires Max Cape to fight)
    ::25k – A zone for players with 25k mins play time to enter.
    ::vz – veteran zone, requires 10k mins play time to enter area. Has fear repears, angry unicorns and kilns
    ::coffins – Brings you to the ogre coffins cave (You can now use bank/crystal/ogre coffin keys at home, the chest beside the altar instead of going here)
    ::risk – Self explainatory
    ::duel – Self explainatory, requires 5k min playtime to participate
    ::gamble – Self explainatory, requires 5k min playtime to participate
    ::maze – Minigame. Requires 25 event tokens. Maze completion rewards: 3 $Dollars$
    ::teleport – freely input in choice of location. Options are:

    • puro
    • varrock
    • draynor
    • taverley
    • taverly
    • edge
    • runespan

    ::changepassword <new password>
    ::rules – Opens a webpage of rules(in the forum)
    ::forums – Opens the forums webpage
    ::guide/::guides – Opens a webpage of the forum guides
    ::topic <number> /::thread <number> – Opens a webpage of the forum thread
    ::donate – Opens a webpage to the Anarchyscape donation shop
    ::claim – Claims your donation
    ::deals – For really good donation deals, alternatively you can also PM the owners or reach out to them on discord

    ::mymode/ ::mode – Shows your current game mode
    ::commands – List of commands. (Not all commands are in the list, some of them listed are not working)
    ::kdr – Shows your kill death ratio
    ::killstreak – Current killstreak and total kills
    ::bosskills/::bk – List of bosses and the number of times you killed them
    ::maxhit – Display your max damage (melee)
    :: points – List of points you have for all activities
    ::questpoints/::qp – Your current quest points
    ::taskinfo/::checkskillertask/::cst – Your current task details
    ::max – Remotely talks to the skiller task NPC
    ::diaries – Shows you options for different diaries lists
    ::events(NOT ::event) – List of events happening
    ::searchdrop/::searchdrops – Look for monsters drops/Find NPC that drops item/Your drop rate
    ::rate/::dp/:: perc – Also displays your drop rate
    :: players – List of online players
    ::updates – List of updates/patches
    ::lockxp – Locks/Unlock gaining of XP
    ::switchlooks – Toggles old/new item looks
    ::voices – Toggles voices, it will read out the chat
    ::afk – Sets you as AFK. You won’t be able to move in AFK mode.
    ::back – Returns you from AFK. You will be able to move…
    ::dance – dance emote
    ::facepalm – facepalm emote
    ::mastercapes – Automatically spends your coins and gives you all the mastercapes you are eligible for
    ::brawl – Minigame, fight other players with given items
    ::zombie/::zombies – Minigame, kill zombies
    ::freezetag – Minigame, Freeze players
    ::stones – List of requirements to obtain infinity gauntlet
    ::req/::reqs – Completionist cape requirements
    ::resettarget – Resets your PVP target, for a cost of 10M coins
    ::cleanfriends (Number) – Remove friends that you sent less than (number) of messages to
    ::cleanbank (Number) – removes items under the amount of gp/price(number)
    ::covid – Gives you a covid shield, 50% droprate and 50% damage reduction
    ::armor – Opens a webpage to the armor guide thread, located here
    :: prices/:: price – Opens a webpage to the price guide thread, located here
    ::discord – Opens a webpage to the Anarchyscape discord
    ::music/::dj – Opens a webpage for music sharing session
    ::hexcolors – Opens a webpage to W3School's Color picker
    ::newVid – Opens the lastest vid on youtube
    ::sleep – Ban you for 5 hours
    ::foreveralone – Jails you for an hour.
    ::toxic – Mutes you for 30mins


    Buying/Selling/Shop related
    ::shops/::shop – Opens up an in-game tutorial on shops
    :: pos/:: pshops/:: playershops – Player Owned Shops, players may list items to be sold with their desired price.
    ::empty – Clears your bag and gives you 50% of the value of items cleared.

    • ::emptytoggle – Toggles Empty confirmation on/off

    Game points
    ::checkgamepoints/::cgp – Checks the amount of game points you have
    ::hidegamepoints – hides the game points message on how many game points you received
    ::showgamepoints – shows the game points message on how many game points you received
    ::gamepointreward/::gpr – Brings up an interface to spend game points

    • ::skilldrops (5K game points) – automatically buries bones / cleans herbs
    • ::moredrops (10K game points) – gives more drops
    • ::betterdrops (30K game points) – increases drop rate
    • ::weakness (20K game points) – weakens npcs
    • ::cannon(75k game points) – Enables you to set up the cannon anywhere
    • ::morexp (30K game points) – 40% more skilling xp
    • ::inventorydrops (5K game points) – puts drops into inventory
    • ::bankdrops (5K game points) – puts drops into bank
    • ::bankskills (50K game points) – skilling items go to bank
      • ::drops – Configures the list of items to be picked/excluded

    Commands listed, but not working at the moment
    ::resettask – Supposedly resets the slayer task for 10m. You can reset for free at slayer master.
    ::crystal - Unknown

    Work in progress, will update ASAP. Thank you for your understanding :)

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