How to make quests (Kitkat)

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    How to Create Quest:

    1. Type ::quests
    2. Click Create Quest.
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    How to spawn npcs:
    1. Either you need Quest manager or administrator. Ask Kit or Phil for Quest manager.
    2. Type ::npc. I just typed "Hans"
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    3. Examine the npc. You can change its name, combat level, or make it stand still.
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    How to make 1st stage:
    1. Find your quest using Next button, and click your quest. (Use ::quests to see next button)
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    2. Click edit quest. This brings you to the quest's stages.
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    3. Click anywhere on the interface to add a stage.
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    4. Add your first stage.
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    5. Type your first hint for your quest. Include the location and name of npc.
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    6. Click the stage you created.
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    7. Click edit stage.
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    8. Click add part.
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    9. Talk to your npc. (Hint: Parts include talking to npc, clicking on object, clicking on inventory item, killing npc)
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    10. Click No (just this stage). This means the dialogue will only happen during the first stage of the quest.
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    11. Click add action. (Hint: Actions include talking / giving items / teleporting)
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    12. Click NPC Message. Then type your dialogue, like "Would you like a quest?".
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    13. As you can see, we have a back and forth npc and player dialogue.
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    14. You can add a wide variety of actions, like giving items and taking items. We're going to have Xuan give a Tattered scroll.
      Use or ::getid (name) to get item ids.
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    15. Click "special item" if the item is unique. If it is a common item, like a bucket, then click "not a special item". Tattered scroll is unique, so we click "special item".
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    16. Now we will add teleport action.
      1st you need to go to the location and type ::coords.
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      Then reopen the ::quests, and add Teleport action (3rd page). You can click an empty slot on the interface to open this chat dialogue.
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      When it asks for z. You must enter 1 instead of 0. 1 = ground floor. 2 = 2nd floor, 3 = 3rd floor, 4 = 4th floor,
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    17. As you can see. We have the "teleport action". But I've also put a "Quest Progress". This moves the player from stage 1 to stage 2.
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    18. Now for stage 2. We will write a hint like "Bring the Tattered scroll to Hans in Lumbridge."
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    19. Add dialogue and add "Take item" to take the tattered scroll. Then click "It's Required".
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    20. As you can see, there is a dialogue between the player and Hans.
      It takes the Tattered Scroll from the player.
      Remember to put "Quest Progress" so that it moves to stage 3.
      Stage 3 is quest completed.
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    21. Add "Quest Completed" for the last stage.
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    22. Now the quest can be completed.
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    1. You can easily return to the last interface you were in by clicking "Return".
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    2. Also, clicking the back button will return you to the previous interface.
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    There are a LOT of different interfaces. They are ordered like this: Quest > Stage > Part > Actions

    Parts include talking to npcs, clicking on objects, clicking on inventory items, and killing npcs.
    Basically parts = triggers. For example, talking to Hans will trigger a dialogue. You can also make an npc death trigger a dialogue.

    Actions include teleports, dialogue, giving an item, receiving an item.

    How to add npc death:

    If you want to give an item for killing an npc, or move the player further in the quest after killing an npc, then follow this tutorial.
    1. First, attack the npc you want. Don't kill it. Make sure you have auto-retaliate enabled.
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    2. Hide from the npc, then open ::quests.
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    3. Go to the stage you want, and click add part.
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    4. Let auto-retaliate kill the npc.
    5. Click no (just this stage).
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    6. As you can see, kill goblin is now in the quest :cool:
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    How to edit quest points:

    Talk to administrator.​

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