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    ⭐[February 12th 2020] Invite your friends update
    To increase our playerbase I got a task for all Anarchy players with HUGE rewards, we will be rewarding our players that invites other players even more. If you don't have any money to spend on Anarchy to help us out I've got a solution for you! You wish to get your own custom but have no money ? Here is how you can obtain one for free !
    While your friends are completing the tutorial tell them to enter your username so you can get your score up.
    Every referral equals to 1 point.
    Here are the rewards :

    Once you've invited 5 players you will receive 500 anarchy dollars.
    Once you've invited 7 players you will receive a vip package.
    Once you've invited 10 players you will receive your OWN CUSTOM WEAPON + 500 anarchy dollars.

    Once you've invited 15 players any item of your choice for free.

    We have a very good referral system do not try to trick it !
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    Oo that is not a bad rewards :)
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