UPDATES [June 14th 2019] Added MVP zone + Infinity Gauntlet

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    - You no longer need Impling Jars to catch Implings.
    - Korasi sword (e) fixed.
    - Only Dollars are affected by donation bonus.
    - Noted staffs no longer have autocast option.
    - Customs not allowed in white portal.
    - Nerfed Flamberge.
    - Buffed Torva.
    - Buffed Pernix.
    - Added more bossses to assassin tasks.
    - Updated ;;searchdrops.

    - Korasi sword (e) added
    - 2.5m Pvp tokens to buy
    - Uses 50% spec, and has slightly better stats than Korasi sword.
    - Add 10k fire runes to tome of frost to create
    tome of fire.
    - Blisterwood weapons animations fixed.
    - Nurse at home now cures poison.

    - Reworked Nex.
    - Added Torva (Elite).
    - Nex drops Torva (Elite).
    - Torva (Elite) armour pieces has 6% dammage boost.
    - Added Anarchy boots.
    - Anarchy boots gives 50% bonus drop rate.
    - Anarchy boots costs 2.5K assassin tokens.
    - Vip gets 5 assassin tokens per task.
    - Mvp gets 6 assassin token per task.

    - Drop parties only give 1 mbox per balloon.
    - MVP gives 1x christmas cracker, 5x mboxes.
    - MVP gives 3x elite mboxes.
    - 10 sets of vanguard can combine into skulltrooper set.
    - Added VIP package to online store.
    - Fixed coin drops.
    - Added MVP rank.
    - Added ::mvp teleport.
    - Added Delrith to MVP zone.
    - Delrith drops Anarchy shield.
    - VIP package gives VIP rank.
    - 2nd VIP package gives MVP rank.

    - Made trickster / battle-mage / vanguard noteable.
    - Made skull trooper noteable.
    - Made mystery boxes stackable.
    - Moved ::risk teleport.
    - Infinity Gauntlet has 50% drop rate bonus.
    - Infinity Gauntlet has 15% damage boost.
    - You can now ride the Sled.
    - Thanos gloves name changed to "Infinity Gauntlet".

    - Stones can be combined into Infinity Gauntlet.
    - Use ::stones to see all 6 stones + reqs.
    - Lowered Adv. Gnome laps for completionist to 250.
    - Fixed apprentices dropping items when equipping.
    - Farming pet chance increased.

    - Bankdrops disabled for Ultimate Ironman.
    - Completing Pest invasion no longer counts as fight caves completion.
    - 21 Quest Points required for Completionist Cape instead of 18.
    - ;;qp or questpoints to check your questpoints.
    - ;;points to check all of your points for each activity.
    - Added ;;bosskills or ;;bk to check your boss kills.
    - Iron and Steel dragon zone in brimhaven now non multi-area.
    - Uncut diamonds can now be dropped by monsters.

    - Fixed cannon stealing kills.
    - Buffed Upgraded Quick-fire.
    - Fixed Sirenic Jad safespot.
    - Steel / iron dragon area is multi.
    - Reworked enchanted gem.
    - Cerberus are no longer aggressive.
    - Buffed sanguinesti staff.
    - Reworked Home teleporting/lodestones.
    - Added instances for ::leeuni .
    - Leeuni drops master sword.
    - Master sword has 5% drop rate boost.

    - Added 6 infinity stones.
    - Added Soul stone (achieve 1000 killstreak).
    - Added Time stone (combine all skilling pets).
    - Added Power stone (kill 100 of each bosses).
    - Added Mind stone (loot 400 raid chests).
    - Added Reality stone (mine 500 golden goblins in Lava flow mining).
    - Added Space stone (loot $250 from Code Keys).
    - Very hard requirements ;;stones.
    - Squeal of Fortune spin tickets are now stackable.
    - Claiming a Spin Ticket no longer uses whole stack at once.
    - Added ogre coffins ;coffins (useful for ultimate ironman).

    - Added Black knights to ;vip.
    - They drop burnt bones, elite black armour and coins caskets.
    - Fixed decimation.

    - Wings of anarchy has 1/150 chance to insta kill
    - Wings of anarchy have 35% drop rate bonus.
    - Code key minigame is harder.
    - Fixed phil's boss having ininite hp in raids.
    - Events give less event tokens now.

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