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    IRL Name (Optional):
    Ingame Name:
    How old are you?:
    Where are you from?:
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
    What is your timezone?:
    BST (GMT+1)
    Your average amount of game-play per week?:
    20-60 hours (Work dependent)
    How do you think you can help us here at Anarchy?:
    I believe i can help and support both staff and players on their stay at Anarchy. I am full of ideas and i am always willing to listen and take others into consideration. I am able to support new players to allow them a smoother stay on the server and a more prosperous time. I am able to help staff plan events and bring the staff team and the community closer. I believe i would be able to start harvesting of information from players on a large scale and be able to then summaries and produce conclusions to allow the management team to understand where the community stands with little to no effort which will allow upper management teams to focus harder on providing a greater experience for us all. I am a great problem solver which would allow me to solve disputes between players and provide the best atmosphere for all of the players. I would also like to start making tutorial and new entertaining videos for the server once my work life slows down.
    Why do you deserve a staff position over other players?:
    I think it's the fact of how open i am to the community and allow myself to experience everything from good to bad. I am a great team player and feel like i would be a great asset within the staff team in many aspects. i am a very down to earth person who goes above and beyond to provide any help i possibly can which i believe is crucial in such position. I am able to contribute in lots of ways and hopefully provide a positive influence and refresh to the staff team.
    In game it'd have to be Comp cape. However it is a lot more crucial for me to achieve goals within the community. I'd like to be recognized as someone that is approachable, welcoming and helpful and someone that people could talk to regardless of whether it is anything to do with the game or not. I am always willing to help out with any words of wisdom or advice and my main goal is to become respected within the community.
    Do you have discord?
    Are you aware if you abuse your staff powers you will be either banned or demoted depending on the circumstances:

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