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    Corporeal Beast PvM Guide!

    All noticeable item drops:
    Corporeal Beast is a medium boss that has a very encouraging drop rate and is a great way to make money on the server, also note that the Corporeal Beast boss drops boss tokens which could help newer players obtain the final boss Armour. It is to be noted that the boss can be killed using any combat style but melee and range is most effective. Corporeal Beast is weak to stab attacks therefore spears are most suitable and provide the most damage to the monster.

    Suggested Gear:
    Possible Upgrades and Downgrades:

    Helm of NeitiznotVanguard HelmMalevolent Helm
    Fire CapeFinal Boss CapeDeath Cape (f)
    Amulet of GloryAmulet of FuryAmulet of Torture
    Black D'hide BodyVanguard BodyMalevolent Body
    Vesta's SpearPrimal SpearTorva Spear
    Black D'hide LegsVanguard LegsMalevolent Legs
    Vanguard BootsLucky BootsAnarchy Boots
    Bereserker RingRing of Wealth (e)Ring of Success

    Killing the Corporeal Beast
    Killing the Corporeal Beast is not too hard, you should start of by entering the cave by selecting: (Quest tab - Teleports - Bosses - Page 2 - Corporeal Beast) Once you are inside using curses, click on these prayers (Magic - Turmoil) If your gear allows you are able to use (Soulsplit) Then kill the monster until the monster is dead. There are no phases or any hidden tricks apart from him summoning a familiar.

    Killing the Dark Energy Core
    When killing Corporeal Beast he will summon a Dark Energy Core, This will teleport to you and be underneath you until it is killed it is very easy to not notice. He will deal damage and prayer from you and provide it to the Corporeal Beast so it is crucial to make sure it is killed as soon as possible as it can deal a lot of damage.

    Enjoy Killing Corporeal Beast
    Hope you enjoyed and the guide was helpful
    - Kofita -

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