UPDATES [March 31st 2019] Added Ultimate Ironman Mode + Looting Bag

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    - Added Valentine Spirit Shield to online shop.
    - Added Ring of Wealth (e) to online shop.
    - Added Hylian shield to online shop.

    - Spellbook home teleport teleports you home.
    - Added Death Cape (e) to online shop.
    - Added Lucky Boots to online shop.
    - Added Ironman Cape to insane shop.

    - Fixed Nex not spawning.
    - Fixed Salamanders.
    - Added Looting bag.
    - Lent items returned to owner after dropped.
    - Lent items returned to owner after dropped.
    - Increased amount of blackjack tokens you can buy.
    - Divine Cape - Heroic Cape have death cape effect.
    - Divine Cape - Heroic Cape have Double drop effect.
    - Divine Cape - Heroic Cape give Drop Rate bonus.
    - Made freeze tag easier to join.
    - Fixed SOF at home.
    - Fixed Slayer teleports not teleporting.

    - New Mode: Ultimate ironman mode.
    - This mode gets free Heroic donator (best donator).
    - Ultimate mode cannot use bank.
    - Ultimate mode cannot change game mode.
    - Ultimate ironman can use items on bank to note them.
    - Added ammy mould and bracelet mode to crafting stall.
    - Added 2nd page to staff list.

    - Rainbow of wealth only happens for rare drops.
    - Fixing G.E. for spawners.

    - Fixed Zulrah drop table.
    - Fixed Yk'Lagor drop table.

    - Fixed amulet money making glitch.
    - Spawners can use G.E.
    - Upgraded starter sets.
    - Can set combat levels back to 99.

    - Upgraded-quick-fire (combine 2 sirenic scales,
    regular quick-fire, final boss cape and 100 sirenic scrolls)
    - fixed nex respawn time and skipping stages.
    - Nerfed skull trooper, was way too overpowered.

    - Bots smiteable.
    - Increased bot count.
    - Reduced Code Key price.
    - Buffed tzhaar rapier.
    - Nerfed twisted-bow.
    - Corporeal beast now drops the correct Clue scrolls.

    - Made tokhaar-ket Champion harder, need to pray flick.

    - Clue steps reduced.
    - Sirenic Jad difficulty increased.
    - Sirenic Scales dr changed.
    - Fight caves gives 50 Sirenic Scrolls.
    - Fight kiln gives 100 Sirenic Scrolls.

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