UPDATES [May 29th 2019] Added VIP zones + Anarchy Shield + Ring of Success

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    - Added ;;vipboss (vorago)
    - Added ;;vipmerc (mercenary mage)
    - Added ;;viptrain (rock crabs)
    - These are for Vips only.

    - Added vip zone (beta)
    - Added vip quest
    - Quest is located at ;;vip for early access.
    - Pirate Zombies @ vip drops guns: 10x Drugunov, Desert Eagle, and Lr300.
    - Fixed rol(z) and sky shield.
    - You can now search up to 50k kills at once with searchdrops command.

    - Added Ring of Success.
    - Ring of Success is a combination of ring of wealth(e) and life (z).
    - Has row(e) and rol(z) effects, and costs an additional 20 golden tickets to create.
    - Ring of Success is untreadable.
    - Pest Invasion rewards now go to the bank.

    - Added ;;home3
    - Added ::phil
    - SOF tab shows up after dismissing follower.
    - Pets can be picked-up or deleted.
    - Fixed dismissing familiar.
    - Avernic defender is tradeable.
    - Elite clues have 1/200 chance of Third-age Longsword.
    - All donator capes can be worn.
    - Duel arena spawns correctly with no movement.
    - Referral shop doesn't spam chat.
    - Added ::reqs command for completionist cape.

    - Updated slash bash loot table :
    - Slash bash drops decimaton, obliteraton and annihilation.
    - Sanguinesti staff and obliteration has unlimited runes.
    - Anarchy shield has hylian shield effects.
    - Anarchy shield has scarlet effects.
    - Anarchy shield has valentine effects.
    - Anarchy shield has sky shield effects.
    - Added a delay for Sirenic Jad melee attack.
    - Yk'Lagor drops cost increased.

    - Improved slayer teleporting system.
    - Hexhunter Bow nerfed.

    - Buffed Royal crossbow and bolts.
    - Added Scary champions ;;champs
    - Scary champions drops sir owen's longsword and flameburst defenders
    - Fixed ring of life (z) and sky shield healing.

    - Fixed Apprentice prayers.
    - Fixed Yk'lagor's death emote.
    - Fixed Referrals not counting.
    - Fixed Stealing Creation Transform.

    - Nex respawn time has been decreased
    - Kalphite Queen magic attack damage fixed
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