Missing Christmas Elves

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    Christmas: Missing Elves

    50x Noted Coal
    1x Grimy Snapdragon
    1x Winter Sq'irk (You won't need this until step 11)
    1x Spring Sq'irk (You won't need this until step 11)
    65 Thieving

    Step one:
    Speak to Santa on White Wolf Mountain
    How to get there:
    Quest tab > Teleports > Next Page > Monsters > Medium Level Training > White Wolf Mountain
    He will tell you his elves are missing, and you will need to go to a crescent-shaped island.

    Step two:
    Find the Elf Tracker on Lunar Isle
    How to get there:
    Quest tab > Skilling > Runecrafting > Astral Altar, or use the lodestone if you've already activated it.
    You will want to go and activate the lodestone, then climb up the ladder in the house circled in the picture below.
    View attachment 1487
    You will find the Elf Tracker upstairs. He will tell you to track an elf located at Fremennik Isles.

    Step three:
    Track the first elf somewhere on Fremennik Isles
    How to get there:
    Quest Tab > Teleports > Next Page > Monsters > Low Level Training > Yaks
    You will want to follow the map below, at the two bridges circled you will need to click the "Walk across" option to get across them; the elf is at the final circle.
    View attachment 1488
    The elf will tell you that he's not giving you any information without an item from an imp named "Benny".

    Step four:
    Find Benny located at the Penguin Course
    How to get there:
    Quest Tab > Teleports > Skilling > Agility > Penguin Course
    You will want to go south-east until you've reached Benny; you will not need to complete the penguin course to locate him.
    Benny will want the 50 coal (noted) and reward you with a Crystal Trinket.

    Step five:
    Go back to the first elf located on Fremennik Isles (refer to picture above)
    The elf will tell you that the elves were taken and hidden somewhere. He will want another item from someone named "June", located on Nardah.

    Step six:
    Go to Nardah in search of June
    How to get there:
    Quest tab > teleports > Next Page > Monsters > Slayer Locations > Click "more" option 3 times > Desert Lizards (first option). Nardah is located directly south of the Desert Lizards. Here is a map showing where you teleport to and where you'll want to go. After you reached the circled building, climb up the ladder, then speak to June.
    View attachment 1489
    June will want the Grimy Snapdragon, be prepared to have one before talking to him. (non-noted). He will give you a Yin yang amulet, which you will want to give to the first elf.

    Step seven:
    Go back to the first elf (refer to the photo at step three).
    You will give the elf the amulet, and he'll tell you to go to the Ourania Altar in search of the Evil Fairy.

    Step eight:
    Go to the Ourania Altar and find the Evil Fairy.
    How to get there:
    Quest Tab > Teleports > Skilling > Runecrafting > Ourania Altar. Here is the map you'll want to take once you teleport. The Evil Fairy is at the circled spot.
    View attachment 1490
    Take the blue path, DO NOT go on the red path. You will get stuck, as the small crack leading from the end to the altar is not working.
    You will talk to the Evil Fairy, who will tell you that he's hidden the elves in his workshop. You will want to talk to Santa.

    Step nine:
    Go back to White Wolf Mountain and talk to Santa
    How to get there:
    Refer to the directions on step 1.
    Santa will tell you that the Shapeshifter can teleport you to the workshop where the elves are located. You will want to talk to the Evil Fairy for more information before attempting to locate the Shapeshifter.

    Step ten:
    Speak to the Evil Fairy
    How to get there:
    Refer to the steps/picture above to get there
    The Evil Fairy will tell you the Shapeshifter is in a Garden. He is referring to the Sorceresses Garden.

    Step eleven:
    Go to the Shapeshifter located at the Sorceresses Garden.
    How to get there:
    Quest Tab > Teleports > Minigames > Page 3 > Sorceresses Garden

    View attachment 1491
    This is where you will want to pick the Winter and Spring Sq'irks off the respective trees. After you've got both the Sq'irks, go to the circled one above (summer).
    DO NOT pick the summer Sq'irk tree once you've reached it. Talk to the Shapeshifter here, who you will give both the Spring and Winter Sq'irk.

    View attachment 1492

    Step twelve:
    After speaking with him and handing him the sq'irks, you'll be teleported to the workshop.

    View attachment 1494
    This is where you'll be teleported. Walk to the door leading to the room, open it, and go down the stairs circled in the picture.
    You'll want to walk north until you reach the elves

    View attachment 1495
    Talk to the elf named "Kairi", she will thank you for saving herself and the rest of the elves, now go back to Santa (refer to the directions at step 1).
    After talking to Santa, you will get Quest Finished

    Rewards: 5 Quest Points

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