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    IRL Name (Optional): Mitchell (shocker huh)
    Ingame Name: Mitchell

    How old are you?: 25

    Where are you from?: Canada, East Coast

    What is your timezone?: Can Est - Atlantic time - GMT -3

    Your average amount of gameplay per week?: 30ish, Im a dad sometimes I can play more sometimes I cant

    How do you think you can help us here at Anarchy?: I believe I can help out the current and new community by continuing to help with problems. I also make sure to note any bugs or errors in something to make it the info gets to one the owners to be fixed or adjusted.

    Why do you deserve a staff position over other players?: Gonna be honest here, other people do deserve. But I do believe having more staff in more time zones can help keep the server in peace.

    Goals?: Right know im re-comping and getting them $ towards elite donator

    Do you have discord? I do, but my laptop does not like it

    Are you aware if you abuse your staff powers you will be either banned or demoted depending on the circumstances (y/n) Yes of course, abuse of power is a big nono in my books.

    Thank you whoever is reading this for taking your time out of your day to read this. Best of luck to anyone else who may be applying!

    Best Wishes ~ Mitchell
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