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    We are hosting A BIG competition starting RIGHT NOW guys, the first 3 people to earn the completionist cape on our new game mode, INSANE MODE will receive the 'INSANE' rewards listed below.

    That game mode is the hardest game mode in the game, it is 10X runescape xp rate.
    That game mode can't obtain a donator rank.
    That game mode cannot trade with other players.
    That game mode cannot use playershops.

    - Account must start with Insane + whatever you want. (Insane Phil).
    - No account sharing will be tolerated.

    - Any kind of bug abusing will result in a ban.
    - You are allowed to donate on your insane mode acc but doing so, is an instant disqualification.
    - Limited Shop access.

    Here are the shops allowed for that competition:
    - Insane Shop
    - Farming Shop
    - Skillcapes shop
    - Gamepoints shop

    - Loyalty Shop
    - Assassin Shop
    - Slayer Shop
    - General store


    1st place
    - 50$ paypal + 3 customs!!

    2nd place
    - 40$ paypal + 2 customs!!

    3rd place
    - 25$ paypal + 1 custom!!


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