UPDATES [October 16th] UIM General Store + Wilderness Achievements

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    - Added achievement Diary III.
    - Added Wilderness achievement diaries.
    - Obtain Wilderness aura from wild diaries.
    - Wilderness aura restores your special attack.
    - Wilderness aura revoke TB and level restriction.

    - Added superman potion to pvp shop.
    - Superman potion restore the special attack in pvp.

    - Ghrazi rapier stats > Verzik LS stats.
    - Verzik has cool perks: drop rate + poison.
    - Helpful is now undercover.
    - Added total npc killed.
    - Added more rewards to prestige shop.
    - Cannot throw dars at tzhaar bosses.
    - Uim can use Mami Rimba shop.

    - Improved our anti-custom system in pvp/minigames.
    - Added tzhaar bosses
    - They spawn every 25 minutes.
    - SkullCrusher & Tzhaar brute drops Jad's Tzhaar Scythe.
    - Increasd dps of scythe.

    - Increased King Black Dragon's hitpoints.
    - Queen Black Dragon drops are more accurate
    - Changed gambling time to 300 minutes.
    - Added more Tzhaar tasks.
    - You can now fish Lava Eels in Tzhaar caves.
    - You will need Oily Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait to catch them.
    - Use Blamish Oil(obtainable from Tzhaar creatures) on a Fishing Rod to create the Oily Fishing Rod.
    - You can now cook food on the Sulphur Pit located in Tzhaar caves.
    - You can now smelt bars on the Lava Furnace located in Tzhaar caves.

    - Added Tzhaar diaries.
    - Complete them to earn Jad's rapier.
    - Rapier will be essential for upcoming update next week.
    - Rapier will be used to kill 2 new bosses next week.
    - Jad's rapier has 20% dr boost.
    - Added ;;jailbot for supports.


    - Apprentice can use bone crusher.
    - Apprentice can use herbicide.
    - Apprentices can now wear chaotics without a dungeoneering requirement.
    - Obliteration now properly acts as a Magic Weapon.
    - Malevolent pieces increase your DR by 15%.
    - Cannot obtain santa hat anymore.
    - added cool gfx while wearing santa hat.

    - Grammatical fix for various items.
    - Nex boots/gloves are now notable.
    - Vanguard/Battle-mage/Trickster boots/gloves are now notable.
    - Items obtained from Noxious are now notable.

    - Ultimate ironmen can use general store.
    - Insane ironmen can use general store.
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