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    Please use ctrl+f to quickly find the hint location you are looking for, the quickest method to getting to the hint location is added along with what penguin you are looking for. - Map pictures coming soon -
    -"Maybe this is a good enough fossil for the museum..."
    Digsite (North-west corner) - Varrock Lodestone > Run East torwards digsite Encampment/ Herblore teleports > Varrock bank > Run east towards Digsite encampment.

    -"House Party!"
    Yannille - LodeStone Teleports > Yannille/Skilling Teleports > Smithing teleports > Yanille Anvils/Skilling Teleports > Construction > Yanille.

    -"Maybe McGrubor can point me in the right direction."
    McGrubor's Wood - LodeStone teleports > Seer's Village > Run west towards Mcgrubors Wood.

    -"Hope I can pass the test!"
    Exam Centre - Varrock Lodestone > Run East torwards digsite Encampment and the exam center is directly south of that/ Herblore teleports > Varrock bank > Run east towards Digsite encampment then south of the digsite.

    -"This isn't home anymore.."
    Shilo Village - Skilling Teleports > Mining > Gem Stones > Behind the local Bank.

    -"What?! Golden sheep?!"
    Golden Apple Tree - Low level monster teleports > Rock crabs > Run south/Slayer teleports > Fremennik slayer Dungeon > Run slightly south west.

    -"Wait...that's not a potato!"
    Potato Farm near Draynor - Lodestone teleport > Draynor/Skilling teleports > Woodcutting > Draynor Willows.

    -"This place is abandoned, maybe I should find something to light my way?"
    Abandoned Mine (Located on the 3rd level/3 ladder down) - Minigame teleports > Barrows > Run West towards the swamp and then south towards the mines.

    -"This place is so colorful."
    Zanaris - ::ring > Run towards the bank is running around there (near the obelisk icon on the map)

    -"Maybe I can get rich picking up these toads.."
    Swamp Toads > Agility Teleports > Gnome Agility > Run northwest towards the Swamps (Named on worldmap)


    -"This place looks abandoned. Who else would want to live near those brothers?"
    Mort'ton (Southeastern Corner) - Minigame teleports > Barrows > Run west to Mort'ton.

    -"Shhhh! Secret Zone."
    Clan Citadel (NOT WORKING)

    -"Maybe around Oo'glog somewhere.."
    Oo'glog Pools (Near mud bath) - Teleport to ;;pool/;;slash

    -"Platypus holes right over there."
    Oo'glog Pier (Near the boats (East) - Teleport to ;;pool/;;slash run east.

    -"Can be found surrounding Ooglog."
    Oo'glog Mining Rock (Red sandstone) - Teleport to ;;pool and run north towards the agility shortcut > Use the short cut and the penguin is running around the red sandstone (flask making)

    -"A battle rages near this penguin."
    Northern Gnome Battlefield - Thieving teleports > Ardy > Walk west towards the battle fields > The penguin is near the summoning icon on the map (minimap)

    -"It's easy to get lost in this maze. It's harder to find this penguin."
    Tree Gnome Village Maze (NOT WORKING)

    -"Maybe I can find some supplies to assist this chef."
    Lumbridge Kitchen Basement - LodeStone teleport > Lumbridge > Enter the castle > Go down the ladder in the kitchen.

    -"This penguin wants to be like the mighty warriors here."
    Warriors Camp (Start of Lost City) - Teleport to Lumbridge > Run west towards dreanor/Wizards tower until you see the Encampment of warriors.

    -"This penguin must be fascinated with the big spinning ball."
    Clan Camp - Lodestone to Falador > Run south towards clan camps > Big spinning ball teleport next to the tents and noticeboard.

    -"The gallows must be for sick people."
    West Ardougne - Skilling teleports > Thieving > Ardounge > Rune West and enter West Ardounge > Run towards the center then slightly north to the gallows.

    -"Zamorak vs. Saradomin!"
    Castle Wars - Teleport to ;;gamble/Minigame teleports > Castlewars

    -"mmmm that spit roast looks tasty."
    Ogre Spit Roast - (NOT WORKING)

    -"I don't think the witches would like me here..."
    Witchhaven - Skilling Teleports > Thieving > Ardounge > Run East toward the Peir/Fishing town.

    -"Battle for your soul."
    Soul Wars - Skilling Teleports > Herblore > Soulwars

    -"Wilfred, those stairs look intimidating."
    Doric's Quest Start (outside of Taverly) - Falador Lodestone > Run north towards Taverly and he will be running around the building just outside the gates of Taverly.


    -"Maybe I can make bank here."
    Duel Arena Entrance > Minigame Teleports > Duel Arean > Run uptowards the entrance.

    -"Why would this penguin travel all the way to this city in the desert?"
    Nardah > Minigame Teleports > Dominion Tower > Run South West to Nardah.

    -"Those are pretty big monsters near the abbey."
    Citharede Abbey >Lodestone Teleport > al kharid > Run East Towards the Abby (You will have to go through a gate/opening)


    -"Oh such a losing streak I need to get more items."
    Duel Arena Bank > Minigame Teleports > Duel Arena > Running around near the teleport.

    -"Only time will tell if I can find this penguin."
    Clock Tower > Farming Teleports > Ardougne Monastery > Run NorthWest towards the clock tower (is near the cluescroll location)

    -"Gertrude would be happy I found this cat."
    Lumber Yard > Skilling Teleports > Lumber Yard > Use the Entry to the side to enter the lumber yard.

    -"How in God's name did that penguin pick that lock?"
    H.A.M. Lair - SKilling Teleports > Thieving > H.A.M LAIR

    -"there's a lot of Sir's in this castle."
    Camelot Castle > Lodestone Teleorts > Seers village > Run East Towards camelot castle > Penguin is located on the Eastern Side of the Castle on the 2nd floor.


    -"Waoh! That ghost came out of nowhere."
    umbridge Swamp (South of graveyard) - Lodestone Teleport > Lumbridge > Run south towards Graveyard > Run South of Graveyard

    -"This place gives me the creeps..."
    Draynor Manor (2nd floor)- Lodestone teleport > Draynor > Run North Towards the Mannor/ Skilling Teleports > Draynor Willows > Run north towards the Mannor.


    -"This penguin can be found at Rimmington."
    Rimmington Mining > Teleport to ;;chill > Rimmington > Run up towards the mines.

    -"Let me pray here that I don't get PK'd."
    Chaos Altar (East) > Teleport to ;;obelisk > Use obelisk until you arrive at grave obelisk > Run slightly southeast to the Chaos altar.

    -"This penguin wants to train like all the other noobs."
    Rock Crabs (West sided rockcrabs.) - Monster teleports > Low level training > Rock Crabs.

    -"Aren't those elves or something?"
    LLeyta - Skilling Teleports > Farming > Lleyta

    -"This place was left in ruin."
    Ruins - Teleport to ;;obelisk > Located slightly south west of the teleport.

    -"Maybe I can use this bridge to get to the Obser-Oh...Nevermind."
    Observatory Bridge - Minigame Teleports > Run North towards the Observatory (near the same area for cluescroll) > Near the big broken bridge.

    -"I guess this cemetery wasn't so forgotten."
    Forgotten Cemetery > Boss teleports > Hati

    -"This portal leads to where people go to PK."
    Red Portal Clan Wars - (NOT WORKING)

    -"We must fight this evil amongst the other slave fighters."
    Fight Arena > Skilling Teleports > Smithing > Yanille Anvils > Run North Towards the fight area > located on the northwest side of the area.


    -"I can see Catherby from here!"
    White Wolf Mountain Glider - Lodestone Teleorts > Taverly > Run to the center of the mountain where the glider is (There will also be a Santa there)

    -"Wouldn't want to bother these Sabre Kyatts."
    Sabre Kyatts - Teleport to ;;ring > Use code D-K-S > Run Northwest towards snowy area.

    -"How did that penguin get a frozen key?"
    Nex Entrance - Monster Teleports > Highlevel bosses > Nex > Run back though the door.

    Falador Party Room - Teleport to ;;party > up the stairs x2 > Penguin is normally on the south side of that floor.


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