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    Penguin Guide

    Bush @ Digsite (North-west corner)
    "Maybe this is a good enough fossil for the museum..."​
    Crate @ Duel Arena Bank
    "Oh such a losing streak I need to get more items."​
    Cactus @ Duel Arena Entrance
    "Maybe I can make bank here."​
    Barrel @ Mort'ton (South-east corner)
    "This place looks abandoned. Who else would want to live near those brothers?"​
    Toadstool @ Abandoned Mine (Down 3 ladders)
    "This place is abandoned, maybe I should find something to light my way?"​
    Barrel @ Clan Citadel (Inaccessible)
    "Shhhh! Secret Zone."​
    Barrel @ Oo'glog Pools (Next to mud bath)
    "Maybe around home somewhere.."​
    Rock @ Rimmington Mining
    "This penguin can be found at Rimmington."​
    Pumpkin @ Lumbridge Swamp (South of graveyard)
    "Waoh! That ghost came out of nowhere."​
    Snowman @ White Wolf Mountain Glider (Center)
    "I can see Catherby from here!"​
    Rock @ Chaos Altar (East)
    "Let me pray here that I don't get PK'd."​
    Barrel @ Oo'glog Pier (Next to boat)
    "Platypus holes right over there."​
    Barrel @ Oo'glog Mining Rock
    "Can be found surrounding Ooglog."​
    Crate @ Clock Tower
    "Only time will tell if I can find this penguin."​
    Barrel @ Northern Gnome Battlefield
    "A battle rages near this penguin."​
    Barrel @ Tree Gnome Village Maze
    "It's easy to get lost in this maze. It's harder to find this penguin."​
    Barrel @ Lumbridge Kitchen Basement
    "Maybe I can find some supplies to assist this chef."​
    Barrel @ Warriors Camp (Start of Lost City)
    "This penguin wants to be like the mighty warriors here."​
    Cactus @ Nardah
    "Why would this penguin travel all the way to this city in the desert?"​
    Rock @ Rock Crabs (West)
    "This penguin wants to train like all the other noobs."​
    Crate @ Lumber Yard
    "Gertrude would be happy I found this cat."​
    Crate @ H.A.M. Lair
    "How in God's name did that penguin pick that lock?"​
    Pumpkin @ Draynor Manor
    "This place gives me the creeps..."​
    Barrel @ Clan Camp
    "This penguin must be fascinated with the big spinning ball."​
    Toadstool @ Zanaris
    "This place is so colorful."​
    Barrel @ West Ardougne
    "The gallows must be for sick people."​
    Bush @ Golden Apple Tree
    "What?! Golden sheep?!"​
    Snowman @ Falador Party Room
    Barrel @ Doric's Quest Start (outside of Taverly)
    "Wilfred, those stairs look intimidating."​
    Crate @ Camelot Castle
    "there's a lot of Sir's in this castle."​
    Bush @ Potato Farm near Draynor
    "Wait...that's not a potato!"​
    Rock @ LLeyta
    "Aren't those elves or something?"​
    Barrel @ Castle Wars
    "Zamorak vs. Saradomin!"​
    Barrel @ Ogre Spit Roast
    "mmmm that spit roast looks tasty."​
    Barrel @ Witchhaven
    "I don't think the witches would like me here..."​
    Bush @ Shilo Village
    "This isn't home anymore.."​
    Cactus @ Citharede Abbey
    "Those are pretty big monsters near the abbey."​
    Bush @ Exam Centre
    "Hope I can pass the test!"​
    Snowman @ Sabre Kyatts
    "Wouldn't want to bother these Sabre Kyatts."​
    Rock @ Ruins
    "This place was left in ruin."​
    Snowman @ Nex Entrance
    "How did that penguin get a frozen key?"​
    Rock @ Observatory Bridge
    "Maybe I can use this bridge to get to the Obser-Oh...Nevermind."​
    Toadstools @ Swamp Toads
    "Maybe I can get rich picking up these toads.."​
    Rock @ Forgotten Cemetery
    "I guess this cemetery wasn't so forgotten."​
    Barrel @ Soul Wars
    "Battle for your soul."​
    Bush @ McGrubor's Wood
    "Maybe McGrubor can point me in the right direction."​
    Rock @ Red Portal Clan Wars
    "This portal leads to where people go to PK."​
    Rock @ Fight Arena
    "We must fight this evil amongst the other slave fighters."​
    Bush @ Yannille
    "House Party!"​
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    This is very helpful on penguin spots were they are great work on it [brennen] (kit)
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    Wow. Thank you :)
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    Might as well just spawn me my comp cape xx
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    Very helpful! :D

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