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    Anarchy Price guide

    PvP Token: 3k
    Event Token: 7.5m
    Dollars: 75m
    Assassin tokens : 100m
    Ecto Tokens : 100​

    Armor / Weapons:

    Dragonfire Shield (DFS): 35m
    Dharok / Torag / Ahrim / Karil / Guthan (piece): 5m
    Vesta / Statius / Morrigan / Zuriel (piece): 10m
    Corrupt Vesta / Statius (piece): 50m

    Deathcape: 500m
    Deathcape (e): 2-3b
    Deathcape (f): 15-20b

    Toxic Blowpipe: 1.5b
    Toxic Staff of the Dead: 1.5b
    Serpentine Helmet: 1.5b

    Noxious scythe: 1-2b
    Death`s Third-Age Scythe: ~15b
    Seismic Wand: 6-10b
    Doomcore Staff: 4b
    Ring of Life (Z): ~60b
    Blood Necklace: 300m

    Sanguinesti Staff: ~60b
    Ghrazi Rapier: ~100b
    Scythe of Vitur: ~150b
    Quick-Fire: 30-35b

    Skull Trooper helm / body / legs: 5b
    Vanguard / Battle-mage / Trickster (piece): 300m
    Deathlotus (piece): 4-5b​

    Abyssal Whip: 8m
    Godswords: 150m
    Bandos / Armadyl / Subjugation: 35m
    Whisper / Murmur / Hiss Amulet: 200m
    Chaotic: 100m
    Swift / spellcasters / Goliath: 150m
    Glaivens / Ragefire / Steadfast: 200m

    Blessed Spirit Shield: 50m
    Spectral: 100m
    Arcane: 150m
    Elysian: 300m
    Divine: 400m
    Scarlet: 1b
    Hope: 2-3b
    Raccoon shield: 3b
    Valentine shield: 4b
    Sky Shield 45-60b
    Hylian shield: 25-35b

    Decimation (Range): 250m
    Annihilation (Melee): 750m
    Obliteration (Mage): 400m

    Drygore mace/long/rapier: 1-2b

    Torva (piece): 1.5b
    Virtus / Pernix (piece): 750m
    Zaryte Bow: 500m
    Torva Spear: 6-10b

    Primal (piece): G.E Price

    Jake Sword: 1.5b
    Abyssal Dagger: 5b
    Abyssal Bludgeon: 2b
    Twisted-bow: 10b
    Pendant of Lucien: 500m
    Kodai Wand: 3-5b

    Tzhaar Rapier: 60-70b
    Sagittarian Armour (per piece): 10b
    Sirenic Scroll: 20m
    Sirenic Scale: 15b
    Amulet of Torture: 20-25b
    Elder Maul: 10b

    Anarchy Boots: ~50b
    Malevolent helm / body / legs: ~60b
    PvP Store:

    Dark Bow: 6m
    Granite Maul: 7m
    Dragon Claws: 300m
    Korasi: 500m
    Blazing Flamberge: 1b

    Armadyl Godsword (e): 200m
    Polypore Staff: 300m

    Ring of Power (e): 3b
    Ring of Wealth (e): 2b​

    Donator Items:

    Regular Donator: 750m
    Mystery Box: 750m
    Santa Hat: 2b
    Naruto: 2b

    Scarf: 40m
    Lightning Staff: 150m
    H'ween Mask (Green, Blue, Red): 400m
    Bunny Ears: 200-300m
    Top hat: 200-400m

    Christmas Cracker: 5b
    Partyhats (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, White): 5b
    Pink / Blue Santa Hat: 1.5b
    Rainbow Partyhat: 30b (untradeable)
    Cyan Partyhat: 400m
    Pink Partyhat: 400m
    Boss Token Store:

    Final Boss Cape: 8b
    Anarchy body/legs: 4b​

    Event Items:

    Code Key: 75m
    Pikaball: 30m
    Purple Sweet Package: 15m
    Crystal Bow: 200m
    Zulrah Teleport: 200m
    Primal Teleport: 200m
    Anarchy Cape: 1b

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    Nice prices M8
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    Updating prices, please update.

    > Pink/Blue Santa Hat (Doesn't sell at 2-3b) - 500m to 1b
    > H'ween Masks - 300m
    > Santa Hat - 300m to 500m
    > Mystery Box - 200m to 400m (depends on seller/buyer, def not 750m)
    > Flamberge - 1.2b (haven't seen it sold for anything higher than this)
    > Dragon Claws - 200m (people have so many to the point it doesn't sell @ 300m anymore)
    > Amulet of Torture - 25b to 30b
    > Tzhaar Rap - 75b (but people have been selling at 40-45b lately for some reason so don't know what you want to put)
    > Twisted Bow - 10b to 12b (I bought mine for 11b, haven't seen it get sold for 15b)
    > Hylian Shield - 40b
    > Skull Trooper - 5b/piece to 15b/set
    > Hope Shield - 2b
    > Chaotic - 75m to 80m (basically $1)
    > RoL(z) - 70b to 100b (People are selling extremely high, it's no longer worth anywhere near 20b)
    > Deathcape (f) - 20b
    > Deathcape (e) - 2b
    > Scythe of Viture - 200b

    Please update! ^^
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