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    This Guide only contains what gets dropped by the raids chest and is not a guide on how to do raids.
    If you open the Chest at 500k points / 83% the chance of getting a rare item is 1/20.
    (If you open the chest at 83% you also get 50 Boss Tokens)

    Common drop Table
    - No Item (0 Gp)
    - Dragon Longsword (67k Gp)
    - Dragon Scimitar (71k Gp)
    - Staff of Light (Blue) (475k Gp)
    - Dragon Crossbow (5m Gp)
    - Chaotic Rapier (100m Gp)
    - Dragon Claws (300m Gp)
    - Golden Ticket (1b Gp)

    Rare Drop Table
    - Christmas Cracker (5b Gp)
    - Kodai Wand (~5-10b Gp)
    - Elder Maul (~10b Gp)
    - Twisted Bow (15b Gp)
    - Sanguitsian Staff (~40-60b Gp)
    - Ghrazi Rapier (~100b Gp)
    - Scythe of Vitur (~100-150b Gp)
    -Justiciar platebody (~120-140b Gp)
    -Justiciar Platelegs (
    ~120-140b Gp)
    -Justiciar Helm (
    ~60-90b Gp)
    -Justiciar Gloves (
    ~100-120b Gp)
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    Nice simple guide, very useful.
    Thanks :)

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