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    How old are you?:

    Where are you from?:South Carolina -----Resides in GIlbert,AZ

    What is your timezone?: Arizona Mountain Time

    Your average amount of gameplay per week?: 25-30 hours

    How do you think you can help us here at Anarchy?:
    I think I can help anarchy because I am learning the game as well as the other players, I am always active as soon as I get off work. I have enough knowledge to help most people on the server and can find out anything I don't know to help even further! I am active on discord when I am not logged on in-game, which means I will always be available for any questions that need answers!

    Why do you deserve a staff position over other players?:
    I don't so much deserve a position over anyone else, but I can be trusted to not abuse any powers, I donate when possible to keep server alive! I have 3493m of game time and have made a lot of progress id say! I am loyal to this server and recommend it to anyone that I know or hear about that plays runescape/rsps.

    If my application is accepted, and I am promoted to a staff rank, 2 main goals will be to ensure all rules are followed to keep the game fair, and the economy stable. I would also love to see all of the loyal players of our server fully educated on everything they need to know to become a successful player.

    Do you have discord? DISCORD NAME: SCAZ

    Are you aware if you abuse your staff powers you will be either banned or demoted depending on the circumstances ([y]/n)
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