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    The Venom Sword - (1/50.000 Venom Boxes)
    The sword is a unique piece in the game, only a hand full of people had the luck to achieve it!
    As one of the lucky ones we will hereby try to describe the swords power as best as possible.

    1. -
    The Venom Sword - Animation

    The animation seems to last a while, hitting 3-4 times each hit.
    Sometimes there is a X3 hit possible like seen with the "510" Animated on the gif as the sword was only at a 170 max hit stated by ::maxhit.

    2. - The Venom Sword - Stats

    Stats viewed raw from "Equipment stats" with empty inventory, it surprised me that the Venom sword was the same weight as my car..!

    3. - The Venom Sword - Special Effects

    Stats viewed from examining the venom sword itself shows some surprising effects, DMG boost (10% without lvl 50 sword), Drop rate, Blood Necklace, Venom.

    4. -
    The Venom Sword - Price (50B)
    The price of this weapon is going to be a lot as it is so extremely rare and hopefully will stay Discontinued in the future.
    This will make it possible for Hardcore grinders to see it as a collectors item!
    For now i see the price as 1-5 Trillion GP, what do you think?

    My cousin said "Not for Sale." Great thanks to him (
    Render) to make this review possible!
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