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    Ever wonder which bars give the most fastest XP? Or which equipment gives you the most money when sold?
    This guide will cover both XP and money making for all smithing related.
    Just a few things to declare first, this is all tested on regular mode, without any donator. XP rates may scale different with different game modes and also each donator rank has different XP bonuses. With that out of the way, let's start!

    There are two ways to gain smithing XP.

    1. Smelting ores in the furnace.
    2. Smithing the bars into equipments and items.

    If you have the ores, fastest XP by smelting rune bars. Runite ores can't be bought on the GE and you either have to mine it or pickpocket from the dwarf trader to get rune bars and ores randomly. Each runite ore requires 8 coals to smelt into rune bars and gives 30k XP per smelt. Smithing rune bars into items only gives you 18k XP per bar, meaning that if the item requires 3 rune bars, it will give you 54k XP.

    However if you don't have the ores, and you are lazy or find it a hassle to mine for it, the next best XP would be adamant. You can buy both the ores, including coal, and the bar from GE. Smelting adamant requires 6 coal, and gives 22.5k XP per bar made. Smithing Adamant bars into items gives you 15k XP per bar.

    Money Making
    Similarly to the methods mentioned above, you can get money from skilling, by smelting and smithing. Don't forget that the items made from smithing can also be sold to the GE for money too! Don't use ::empty command, since the items will only get cleared from your inventory for half its price.
    Smelting rune bars gives you 12k coins per bar, and if you smith the bar into items, each bar made into items gives you 18k coins per bar. Smelting adamant bars give you 9.2k coins per smelt, and each bar made into items gives you 15k coins.

    You can sell the crafted items to GE for a good amount of money as well if you know what to make. The best item to craft and sell is rune 2h sword, each costing 98K coins per item. Since rune bars and ores can't be bought from the GE, you can make a profit using adamant bars bought from GE. Each bar cost 3k coins to buy, and turning them into adamant 2h sword can give you 15k coins on GE, giving you a profit of 12k coins.
    Additionally, while doing smelting or smithing you may randomly receive the smithing skill rock. You can sell it to GE or sell it on your pos for a good 25m coins.

    Profit table below, amount are in coins, and by profit per bar. Cells in green are the highest profit.


    Thread originally written by Foami.

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