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    IRL Name (Optional): Zach
    Ingame Name: hc zach (main), zach9613, 1spec is all

    How old are you?:21

    Where are you from?: Delaware

    What is your timezone?: Eastern

    Your average amount of gameplay per week?: depends if im working on the weekends or not. usually 15+ hours

    How do you think you can help us here at Anarchy?: I think I could help the players here at Anarchy a lot by giving them some guidance and support when they need it. I feel it is important to help everyone to keep them playing and love our server as much as possible.

    Why do you deserve a staff position over other players?: I don't believe i necessarily deserve a staff position, but i believe i am one of the top contenders for one. I always do my best to help anyone in any way that i can. Most of the time its getting new players starter with the server and make sure they are having fun with it.

    Goals?: My goals are pretty simple. My main goal is to make sure that everyone that logs onto Anarchy is here to stay. I want to see our player base grow and continue to grow so we can become the best server we can. I love seeing all the new players we get daily and how much the server can grow with them. My other goals include keeping the server clean and not having much toxicity in it.

    Do you have discord? Yes, zach9613

    Are you aware if you abuse your staff powers you will be either banned or demoted depending on the circumstances (y/n) Yes

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