UPDATES [December 30th 2016] Cerberus, Stealing Creation

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    This updates list includes all updates from 2016. Most recent updates begin at the top.

    - Improved multi bots.
    - Fixed bots running away at mage bank.
    - Increased bots in wilderness.

    - Added networths for custom items.
    - Added ::fight.
    - Fixed not keeping all items in wilderness.
    - Game point rewards no longer work in wilderness.
    - You will lose items to npcs in wilderness.

    - Added multi bots.
    - Erin's home is the new second home.
    - Fixed sc items not dropping.

    - Added ::multi (multi wilderness pking teleport).
    - Removed revenants from easts.
    - Changed stats of some items.
    - Increased power diamond's power.
    - Fixed quick-fire's using no ammo.

    - New Kamil Boss.
    - New ::kamil teleport.
    - Kamil drops ice diamonds.

    - 100% doubles donation items.
    - Increased magic accuracy.
    - Fixed custom quick-fire special attack.
    - Added Tyler's Torva set.
    - Updated Rennoc's Dagger stats.
    - Updated Tyler's Dagger stats.

    - Added Shield of N3rrrrrD.
    - Added Carlos's Quick-fire.
    - Added Tyler's Quick-fire.
    - Added Tyler's Dagger.
    - Increased price of barrows.
    - Wilderness pkers risk more.

    - Added Derek's sword.
    - Added Pinky's Quick-fire.

    - Added Wishing well (Custom item reward).
    - Added nex items to helpful's price guide.
    - Made networth more accurate.
    - Started Christmas quest...

    - Added Watch's Helm.
    - Added new SOF (Super squeel of fortune.)
    - Super SOF spins are given daily.
    - Players will earn more Super SOF spins based on consecutive days played.
    - Fixed SOF locking up.

    - Added Erin's Cape.
    - Added Kronosx's shield.
    - Fixed G.E. offers.
    - Updated Magic accuracy.

    - Reduced price of Assassin armor.
    - Added a lot more items to helpful's price guide.
    - Increased accuracy of networths.
    - Fixed bandos / dragon boots looks on old looks.

    - Fixed Loyalty tokens and Referral tokens.
    - Added Zomboy's Quick-fire.
    - Added Tayy's Dagger.

    - Added C 5 S C's shield.
    - Added kronosx's spell.
    - Updated stats on some items.

    - Added kronosx's wand.
    - Changed the look of referral tokens.
    - Changed the look of loyalty tokens.
    - Fixed staff spells not working.

    - Added Suh's shield.
    - Added Suh's quick-fire.
    - Added Megazillla's staff.
    - Increase range accuracy.
    - Cerberus has longer range attack.
    - Fixed Range void set effect not having damage boost.

    - Skilling pets now more rare.
    - Skilling pets now larger in size.

    - Fixed brawling gloves xp bonus.
    - Added 17 skilling pets.
    - Added skilling pets xp bonus.

    - Added Cerberus killcount.
    - Increased spirit shield and holy elixer's from corporeal beast.
    - Increased stats of sail cape.
    - Added falador party chest to party room.

    - Added kc for Cerberus.

    - Added Cerberus pet.
    - Added Cerberus Combat script.
    - Added Cerberus to wilderness.
    - Added blood diamond as a Cerberus drop.
    - Added revs to new spot in wilderness.
    - Added ::hideveteran command for veterans.
    - Added bots to mage bank.
    - Increased blink's off-hand dragon weapons.
    - Fixed boss pets not being given at 1k kills.

    - Updated range npc formula.
    - Updated bots combat script in wild.

    - Added Quick-fire (hex).

    - Fixed Rennoc's dagger.
    - Added black santa to donator store.
    - Added pink and blue santa hat.
    - Added pink cool hat.

    - Fixed slash bash killcount not working.
    - Added Rennoc's dagger.
    - Added another thing.

    - Helpful tells players how to start halloween event.
    - Fixed new Butcher's Karambit.
    - Fixed Chronic Greataxe (g).
    - Fixed Pimp dagger.
    - Added Quick-fire (e).

    - Added new Butcher's Karambit.
    - Added Chronic Greataxe (g).
    - Added Pimp dagger.
    - Fixed quest progress not saving.
    - Added new admin commands.
    - Started working on new hide and seek manager.

    - Added hp bonus to white torva (e).

    - New Halloween quest!
    - Added quest completion interface.
    - Added new quest creator part (npc death).
    - Enabled quick-fire at lucien.

    - Added Boxing ring to ::erin.
    - Added bots to Boxing ring.
    - Added new admin command.
    - Increased GWD drop rates.
    - Increased dragon off-hand drop rates.

    - Added white / black hween to donator store.
    - Added ::erin for Erin's zone.
    - Put aids chest back at ::aids.
    - Increased aids players on first floor.
    - Removed quest manager title from quest managers.
    - Made SC bots more aggressive.
    - Fixed missing npc spawns.
    - Replaced Quest list with custom quests.
    - Added Quest progress interfaces for custom quests.

    - Added White Torva (e) set.
    - Added quickfire to referral shop.
    - Made referrals ironman tradeable.
    - Updated Staff list.

    - Added barrows to wildy bots.
    - Added pvp armor to wildy bots.
    - Added Erin's Dagger.

    - Drop rate updates.
    - Fixed small bug with referring rewards.

    - Fixed wilderness drops.
    - Added brawling gloves to wilderness drops.
    - Brawling gloves give 20% extra experience.
    - Brawling gloves include:
    attack, strength, defence, range,
    magic, prayer, agility,
    woodcutting, firemaking, mining
    hunter, thieving, smithing,
    fishing, cooking

    - Added inviting countdown for adding new bosses.
    - Added paypal money rewards for inviting players.
    - Replaced DP system with normal Drop rate system.
    - Spears do more damage on corporeal beast!
    - Wilderness pkers drop actual items!
    - Castle wars players more likely to attack player carrying flag.
    - Fixed safespotting Primal warriors.
    - Spread gamblers among floors at ::aids.

    - Fixed Box's bow custom item.
    - Added Alpha's Pencil.
    - Fixed quest manager "Stop walking" option.
    - Fixed quest manager spawnnpc command not working.
    - Fixed ::searchtopic. Doesn't DC players.
    - Quest npc name search improved.
    - Noted items don't make you lose dp at bosses.

    - Added new Boss: Primal Warrior.
    - Added drops to Primal Warrior's drop table.
    - Added Primal teleport to Event token shop.
    - ::aids chest gives 5 golden tickets each search.
    - ::aids chest gives up to 25 golden tickets.
    - Made Lumpy Space Princess less overpowered.
    - Added ::searchtopic for finding topic ids.
    - Fixed Megazillla ring equip slot.
    - Added Goku's sword custom item.
    - Found new location for new boss (secret).
    - Added teleport for new boss (secret).

    - Ganodermic beasts drop 35-50 polypore spores.
    - Added Quest approval system.
    - Stealing creation bots are more aggressive.
    - Stealing creation bots build less barriers.
    - Increased strength of lil boat.

    - Construction, farming, agility, runecrafting rocks easier to get.
    - Added stats to Sail Cape.
    - Removed waiting time between kills in brawls.
    - Added Megazillla ring.
    - Quest managers can spawn objects with ::spawnobject.
    - Quest managers can remove objects by examining.
    - Hangman gives 3x event tokens.

    - Added ability to stop npcs from randomly walking.
    - Players now drop items in stealing creation.
    - Made bots safe less.
    - Added more emotes for npcs in quests.
    - Fixed Quest progresses in quests.

    - Added ability to set combat levels of npcs in quests.
    - Added ability to give items in quests.
    - Added more emotes for npcs in quests.
    - Added cutscenes for quests.

    - Fixed forum token system for players with spaces in their forum name.
    - Changed diamond gfx effect, slowly circles monster.
    - Changed diamond effects all happening at once.

    - Killed superman.
    - Added ::npc for quest manager
    - Removed diamond effects from some minigames.
    - Removed diamond effects from duel arena.

    - Added Blood Diamond.
    - Added Ice Diamond.
    - Added Shadow Diamond.
    - Added Smoke Diamond.
    - Added Jewel encrusting system.
    - Added Jewel naming system.
    - Added Quest Action approval system.
    - Cleaned up Quest List (Removed spam ones).

    - Fixed Lumpy Space Princess hitpoints.
    - Fixing Umbra and Luma's stats.
    - Fixed quests not working.
    - Added ability to remove quests.
    - Added Lumpy Space Princess to high level bosses.

    9/7/2016 - 9/9/2016
    - Added Umbra custom item (vampyrism).
    - Added Luma custom item (venom).
    - Added Lumpy Space Princess (truly lumpy).
    - Lumpy space princess drops purple sweets / dragonstone.

    9/5/2016 - 9/6/2016
    - Added Nyxflame's Rapier.
    - Added Death's Third-Age Scythe.
    - Changed Corporeal beast drop percentages.
    - Fixed Zulrah DP.
    - Fixed trading duplication.
    - Fixed missing npc spawns.

    - Fixed not being able to store items in stealing creation.
    - Fixed construction / fletching xp in stealing creation.
    - Fixed grand exchange items disappearing.
    - Fixed missing npc spawns at warrior's guild / barcrawl.

    - Fixed nex minions not giving dp.
    - Added Superman.
    - Improved Peter's bow.
    - Added referral token shop to Yanille.
    - Added forum token shop to Yanille.
    - Added Death's off-hand longsword.

    - Goku Sand becomes grand master.

    - Fixed zombies not despawning in ::zombies.
    - Fixed xp rates.
    - Added new area (secret).
    - Increased strength of Edible's joint.
    - Made Lucien more deadly.
    - Disabled Squire helper for players with 1000 game time.
    - Added boss kill counts to high scores.
    - Added highest killstreak to highscores.

    - Overloads boost stats to 118 in Yanille.
    - Coins go to moeny pouch after kills.

    - Fixed Brawls signup not working.
    - Fixed Zombies signup not working.

    - Added flask shop to yanille.
    - use ::crystal to get teleport crystal.
    - Added new teleport crystal.
    - Added ability to save / teleport with teleport crystal.
    - Added ability to remove teleports from teleport crystal.
    - Added ability to name teleports in teleport crystal.
    - Updated staff list.
    - Fixed yanille pkers running to doors instead of bank
    - Increased power of Lil Boat.
    - Added new Future bass tracks.
    - Added new Electro tracks.

    - Added Lil Boat (Custom Item).
    - Staff List updates.
    - Added comp cape to Yanille.
    - Added special ::requirements for Yanille.

    - Players in Wilderness drop Pvp tokens!
    - Fixed aids dice bags appearing in bank.
    - Fixed npcs doing wrong action in Yanille.
    - Fixed empty for iron men.

    - Fixed all missing Bar Crawl npcs.

    - Wildy bots risk more!
    - ::betterdrops gives DP bonus!
    - Wildy drops may turn into coins.

    - Added experience for woodcutting, mining, hunter, and fishing at stealing creation.
    - Added experience for theiving at stealing creation.
    - Added experience for using kiln in stealing creation.
    - ::aids now gives real golden tickets!
    - Trade 1000 aids tickets for 1 real golden ticket!
    - Added squire that follows players around and answers questions.

    - Added old pvp token shops!
    - Fixed referral system.
    - Added new music category: Rap.
    - Fixed music not playing right away.
    - Added Peter's bow.
    - Updated Wilderness / Yanille A.I.
    - Nex minions give Nex dp.
    - Fixed Yanille players not running.
    - ::aids updates (must move to higher floors to gamble more).
    - ::aids updates (added more gamblers on higher floors).
    - Added saving names for npcs.
    - Fixed npcs running into the distance.

    - Fixed pets / familiars not appearing.
    - Added emergency ::dismiss to dismiss pets / familiars.
    - Increased amount of events helpful hosts.
    - Decreased time between raids.

    - Lowered some flask prices.
    - Fixed lag issue (reduced npc processing).
    - Fixed issues with ::aids.
    - Fixed some smuggling methods.

    - Added more security to referral system.
    - Fixed ::aids Give option.
    - Relogging at ::aids gives tickets to players again.
    - Added Edible's Joint.

    - Fixed ::aids
    - Lowered price of dragon bolts and onyx bolts.
    - Lowered price of flasks.
    - Added golden tickets to Yanille coin shop.
    - Increased amount of DP for donators.
    - Increased amount of DP for Boss waves (150%).
    - Added dragonstones to Event shop.

    - Added Chinchilla cannon.
    - New Gambling Zone :):aids).
    - DP items are less rare for some npcs.
    - Disabled Helpful's price guide.

    - Fixed Wilderness target system (chooses targets in wildy).

    - Bots drop items in pvp.
    - Only deadman lose 25% experience after death.
    - Fixed Nex entrance.
    - Fixed Yanille pvp drops.
    - Lended items will not drop in pvp.
    - Fixed mystery boxes.
    - Removed coins from mystery boxes.
    - Npcs up to combat 100 can be spawned at custom homes again.
    - Slayer cannot be trained at custom homes.
    - DP is reduced for rare items only.
    - New home: Yanille (in-progress).

    - Game automatically gives fire cape / kiln cape.
    - Fixed smuggling.

    - Added new DP system for rare drops.
    - Brawls start automatically if enough people sign up.
    - Zombies start automatically if enough people sign up.
    - Bots in wildy drop soul fragments.
    - Changed Mandrith's shops to pvp armor shops.
    - Reduced Deadman xp to 1.2x instead of 2x.
    - Removed items from anarchy donation store.
    - Added well of goodwill.
    - Ironmen can't drop trade.
    - Reduced combat level of npcs allowed in custom homes.

    - Fixed npcs dissappearing in dungeoneering.
    - Fixed Dragon scimitar special.

    - Fixed banking in New gambling zone.
    - Reduced hybrids in Yanille pvp world.
    - Increased rangers in Yanille pvp world.

    - Better item keeping system on Yanille PVP world.
    - Yanille bots risk more (lots of dharok).
    - Fixed bots taking up yanille friends chat.

    - Dead men now lose 3/4 of all their xp rather than their whole bank.
    - Added dialogue for Grim Reaper in the death room.
    - Fixing bots returning to player after dying in Yanille PvP world.
    - Fixed bots not attacking each other in wild.
    - Fixed a Fist of guthix smuggle.

    - Added Yanille friends schat.
    - Yanille players automatically join Yanille friends chat.
    - Less players run in yanille pvp world.
    - Less players hybrid in yanill pvp world.
    - More players use higher tier special weapons.
    - Items kept on death automatically don't override other items.

    - Added more nezzy helms to pvp.
    - Added more spec weapons to Yanille PVP world.
    - Fixed Fist of Guthix lobby logout glitch.
    - Fixed Zombies smuggle.
    - Fixed Duel Arena special attack cheat.
    - Added safe pk information to ::killstreak :):ks) and ::kdr.
    - Reduced file saving by half.
    - Made PVP rewards way more common.
    - Stopped bots in Yanille PVP world from banking through walls.
    - Organized Yanille PVP shops.
    - Bots use more expensive special weapons.
    - Made bots more smitable.
    - Changed Yanille PVP token formula, more tokens for higher kills.
    - Ability to sell items to pkp shops in Yanille PVP world.
    - Added upgrade system for staff of light in Yanille PVP world.
    - Added upgrade system for abyssal whips in Yanille PVP world.
    - Added upgrade system for godswords in Yanille PVP world.
    - Reduced range accuracy in PvP.

    7/11/2016 - 7/12/2016
    - Added new pk point store for yanille pvp world.
    - Added new yanille pvp world.
    - Added Granite mace special.
    - Removed Dragonfire shield magic defence bonus.
    - Possibily fixed VNC crashes.
    - NPCs are despawned when new map loads (i.e. npcs in stealing creation).

    - Added handcannons to wilderness bots.
    - Added Morrigan's javelins and axes to bots.
    - Added correct flamberge to bots.
    - Fixed stealing creation entering with items.
    - Fixed stealing creation game ending causing null.
    - Added ancient mace special attack.

    - Bots don't use protection prayers in white portal.
    - Land spawns in custom homes when entering the first time.
    - Random npcs shouldn't show up in custom homes anymore.
    - Increased combat levels of bots in minigames.
    - Added warning message before making rainbow partyhat.
    - Decreased required amount of people for Zombies.
    - Entering stealing creation lobby will put you in a running game.
    - Increased time that flowers stay on ground (60 seconds).
    - Added Hellfire Maul.
    - Made Steve's longsword one-handed.
    - Added Butcher's Karambit.
    - Disabled ability to reenter zombies after teleporting.

    - Fixed custom home dying after teleporting.
    - Added rainbow partyhats (use all partyhats on eachother to make).
    - Fixed smuggling from Brawls / Zombies.
    - Fixed potion decanter giving wrong potions.
    - Added OG Dagger.
    - Added galaxy spear.
    - Fixed Scarlet and Hope inventory model.

    - Made Zombies spawn faster.
    - Bots use flasks.
    - Added potion decanting for noted potions.
    - Reduced safing in wildy.
    - Stopped bots from whacking people with staffs.
    - Added option to watch zombies / brawls after death.
    - Players join gambler friends chat when going to ::gamble.
    - Players can join zombies midway through zombies.
    - Changed Zombie starter types.
    - Added valentine to zombies.
    - Added chinchompas to range type in zombies.
    - Fixed rainbow partyhat.
    - Cannons don't work at zombies.
    - Zombies only attack people in zombies.

    - Added new Zombies Event! (lots of event tokens)
    - Fixed Basilisk changing player's hp.
    - Improved fight cave monster spawning.
    - Added Barney pet.
    - Changed formula for eating.
    - Changed hybrid combat script.
    - Fixed alching in Brawls.
    - Fixed SOF in Brawls.
    - Fixed rangers in wildy not attacking.
    - Reduced swift gloves in wildy.
    - Stopped pures from teleporting in wild.
    - Fixed doomcore price.
    - Suggestion is shown when voting is done.
    - Everyone can see suggestion results.

    - Increased some prices.
    - Custom home coords update.
    - ::coords is available for use for all players.
    - Noxious scythe is more accurate.
    - Fixed spawn point saving in custom home.

    - Added ghost dildo.
    - Added rainbow partyhat.
    - Added marriages.
    - Added Doomcore / Daggerfirst claw Brawl.
    - Disabled quick-fire in Lucien.

    - Grand exchange algorithm change, less chance of it lagging server.
    - Increased rate of pickpocketing from lower level npcs at low levels.
    - Strengthened filter for login names.
    - Added foxxy cape.
    - Added skyscraper cape.

    - Fixed dying in tutorial island.
    - Reduced helpful Brawl spam.
    - Game automatically gives Graphic capes to graphic designers.
    - Game automatically gives Ironman capes to Iron men.

    - Enabled stairs and ladders in custom homes.
    - Added lightsaber price to helpful's price guide.
    - Added more stats to Shield of Day.
    - Added ::edible command for Edible's hitbox stream.
    - Added thread for custom item token rules.
    - Improved some staff commands.
    - Increased security with forum token claiming.
    - Added Graphics cape, Rayn cape, and Ironman cape.
    - Improved eating in players in wild.

    - Added custom items: Taiaha and hitbox cape.
    - Fixed stealing creation smuggling method.
    - Fixed Zombies smuggling method.
    - Shops now buy items worth up to 50m.
    - Fixed Custom home spawning.

    - Added Custom items: Alek's Halo, Brad's amulet, and Ice King Rank.
    - Reduced safing in wilderness.
    - Increased abyssal dagger damage.
    - Added option in custom home to set starting location.
    - Added experience bonus for completionist cape (15%).
    - Added ::dino to view Dino50000's stream.
    - Added ::hitbox to view anarchyscape's stream.
    - Added automatic reward system for HitBox streamers.
    - Added new Brawl option: Guns.
    - Added lightsaber to dharok brawls.

    - Added new brawl type: Abyssal dagger.
    - Decreased safing in wilderness.
    - Increased chance of eating at low hp in wilderness.
    - Polypore shop is now accessible to insane mode players.
    - Bandos godsword / Zamorak godsword / Saradomin sword use 50% special.
    - Fixed "This isn't your trap" when hunting.
    - Fixed stealing creation money transferring method.
    - Street prices are used in drop party calculation.

    - Added vengeance runes to dharok brawl set.
    - New admin commands.
    - Hitbox records streaming information.
    - Clan bank item prices now include street prices from helpful.
    - Increased accuracy of abyssal dagger.
    - Increased accuracy of lightsaber.
    - Recruits can use clan bank.
    - Changed bots eating patterns.
    - New Brawl Type: Chaotic maul + granite maul.

    - Increased speed of Crystal bow.
    - Increased prices of event token store items.
    - Increased event tokens from boss events and hide and seek.
    - Added brawl voting system.
    - Decreased brawl lobby wait time.
    - Added new Brawl option: Knives and lightsaber.
    - Ticket system fixes.

    - Added Shadow Gauntlets.
    - Added new Brawl mode: Halberd Knives.
    - Improved networth commands (using Helpful's prices).
    - Added all donator rank prices to helpful's prices.
    - Improved ::searchdrops accuracy.
    - Removed soul fragments from pyrefiends.
    - Brawls always return the player to their original location.
    - White portal / red portal correctly removes player from the area.
    - Fixed Karambits.
    - Added new Ticket system.
    - Veteran cape is added to veteran's inventory on login.

    - ::gamble puts player in gamble fc.
    - Added new Brawl modes: Zbow and Flamberge.
    - Added ability to enter brawl without removing items.
    - Fixed smuggling method in stealing creation.
    - Added Shield of Day.
    - Fixed Brawl hp boost.
    - Fixing desert home npc.

    - Added dialogue for brawl.
    - Added off-hand desert eagle.
    - Added desert eagle.
    - Added Dildo whip v2.
    - Mithril seed flowers now mirror the percentages on Runescape.
    - Added ::gamble zone.
    - Changed messages that wilderness pkers say.
    - Reduced Swift gloves in wild.
    - Added Dildo whip.
    - Added Chrisss cape.
    - Increased accuracy of dharok's axe.

    - Enabled quick-fire at Lucien.
    - Made stealing creation players initiate combat.
    - Fixed several staff commands.
    - Fixed multi outside of custom home.
    - Added swift gloves to wildy players.
    - Fixed calculations for drop wealth.
    - House portal allows players to buy house.

    - Improved hybridding skills of pvpers at easts/wests.
    - Added phoenix pet.
    - Increased speed of Toxic staff of the dead.
    - Increased speed of lighting staff.
    - Increased accuracy of abyssal dagger.
    - Increased accuracy of melee in pvm.
    - Added ability to fish at custom home.
    - Fixed Lucien instances.

    - Added Abyssal dagger stats and special attack.
    - Abyssal dagger added to Lucien's drop table.
    - Custom item "Day of Wrath" added.
    - Fixed Guthan's effects.
    - Spin votes are added to sof automatically.
    - Added Noxious instance.
    - Added Lucien instance.
    - Added Noxious and Lucien instances to boss waves.
    - Increased chance of combat in Stealing Creation.
    - Fixed group heal spell.
    - Lowered cost of boss waves teleport.
    - Improved networth command.

    - Veracs hits through prayer.
    - Guthans heals 100% every 4 successful hits.
    - Fixed item deletion in brawl.
    - Brawls automatically sign people up who are eligible.

    - Added familiar deposit in Stealing Creation.
    - Fixed use item on player in Stealing Creation.
    - Added more kilns to Stealing Creation.
    - Disabled money pouch in stealing creation.
    - Fixed Pickpocketing in stealing creation.
    - Fixed Following in stealing creation.
    - Increase minimum distance for player interaction. (pickpocketing)
    - Increased AI of stealing creation players.

    - Improved golden ticket handling at gambler.
    - Fixed toxic staff of the dead.
    - Fixed stealing creation dupe.
    - Added stealing creation gametime message.
    - Added stealing creation players.
    - Added more answers to helpful (repair tokens).
    - Restricted items worn by pkers with low prayer levels.

    - Bots correctly wear void.
    - Bots wear divine / elysian / arcane spirit shields.
    - Bots wear Light sabers / Soda sword / Jake 2h.
    - Chicken fights don't give 2x in a tie.
    - Anarchy capes act as accumulators.

    - Frozen pvpers will fight back if teleblocked.
    - Gave pvpers range void.
    - Made statuettes / deathcon items more expensive.

    - Killing players in brawl gives event tokens.
    - Redid the system for starter kits.
    - Staff commands involving display names have been fixed.
    - Added "Trade" to more items.
    - Fixed "Trade" option for repairing.
    - Fixed pest control timer going negative.
    - Pest control players are higher combat.
    - Can't use spellbook in brawl.

    - Dying while pking on deadman doesn't reset you.

    - Increased damage/accuracy in Dharok Brawls.
    - Donating for items during bonus gives extra dollars.
    - Donating for items shows a message.
    - Added Ym Amulet.
    - Repair system shows which repair token is needed.
    - Added options "Repair" and "Trade" to all repair items.
    - Made repair system easier to use.
    - Increased damage while wearing void knight armor.
    - Added custom item token to store.

    - Fixed some issues with music.
    - Fixed a blackscreen issue.
    - Fixed dc on login.

    - Enabled lending for ironmen.

    - Removed ability to remove items in brawl event.
    - Increased effigy experience.

    - Fixed duo slayer.
    - Added dharok event.

    - Increased prices of skilling rocks.
    - Changed names of skilling rocks.
    - Made corporeal beast weaker to spears.
    - Made corporeal beast weaker.
    - Gave Zulrah more hitpoints.
    - Made bosses attack faster on groups.
    - Increased npc spawn time at custom home.
    - Changed experience rates of effigies.

    - Increased accuracy of Korasi.
    - Added bots to castle wars.
    - Added bots to pest control.
    - Added new music genre buttons.
    - Removed "out of food" messages outside of wilderness.
    - Removed overload vote requirement.
    - Added more items to shop on website.
    - Fixed 1000 dollar option on donation page.

    - Fixed some lag issues (processes overriding others).
    - Fixed Sunfreet hopefully.
    - Added ::clearfriends (# of messages).

    - Fixed Nex instance in boss waves.
    - Fixed repair shop prices.
    - Fixed Nex item repairs.

    - PvP armor drops.
    - Fixed repair shop selling (gives repair tokens).
    - Changed skiller's dream message colors.
    - Increased amount of Skiller's dreams.
    - Fixing dwarf remain items.

    - Made boss waves safe.
    - Added Torva Spear.
    - Fixed shops for repair tokens.

    - Made degradable items tradable.
    - Added boss waves teleport scroll to event token store.
    - Increased drop rate for boss waves (50% droprate increase).
    - Made pvp armor degrade after 1 hour.
    - Added check-charges.
    - Added Repair option.
    - Brought bots back.
    - Changed bots home.
    - Created repair tokens.
    - Added God wars (Nex) repair shop.
    - Added Off-hand repair shop.
    - Added Dungeoneering repair shop.

    - PVP armors are dropped in wild.
    - Added kill/death/killstreak counts in white portal.
    - Added pk points in white portal.
    - Added new warning command.
    - Increased amount of dungeoneering tokens per dungeon.
    - Added degrading for chaotics.
    - Increased drop rate of offhand chaotics.
    - Added degrading for offhand chaotics (10 hours).
    - Removed ability to use inventory in Brawl.
    - Brawls only require players to take off equipment.
    - Increased amount of items spawn accounts can spawn.
    - Removed dumping items into grand exchange.
    - Replaced tournament completion cape requirement with white portal kills.
    - Fixed noxious scythe.

    - Reduced cost for instances.
    - Added degrading for pvp items / nex items.
    - Reduced prices for pvp items.
    - Added repair option for nex items.
    - Fixed game point shop for insane mode.

    - Fixed multiple chinchompas used in multi.
    - Corporeal beast damage lowered for range / mage.
    - Removed lots of dollars from eco.
    - Gave dollars to donators.
    - Changed golden tickets to dollars again.
    - Removed all items from grand exchange.
    - Increased price of instances.
    - Added Event Manager rank.
    - You have to vote to use overloads.

    - Fixed emote of toxic blowpipe.
    - Fixed gfx of toxic blowpipe.
    - Made blowpipe faster and stronger.
    - Made logs load/save more quickly/efficiently.
    - Fixed noxious scythe appearance.
    - Fixed more lending duplications.

    - Fixed banking in Brawl.
    - Fixed eating/potions and more in Brawl.
    - Fixed nobody winning in Brawl.
    - Fixed dialogue disappearing when doing tutorial.
    - Added logging out in death room and during tutorial.
    - Added game point shop for insane mode players.
    - Added stats to Toxic blowpipe.
    - Added stats to Toxic staff of the dead.
    - Added toxic abilities to Toxic blowpipe and Toxic staff of the dead.
    - Added Serpentine's anti-venom ablilty.

    - Fixed Zulrah instance glitch.
    - Fixed Brawling event.
    - Added types of music to client (not finished yet).

    - Updated formula for veteran rank.
    - Fixed Zulrah not spawning in instances.
    - Fixed brawl events not teleporting player to correct area.
    - Reduced chance of getting Zul-andre teleport.
    - Added ability to craft Toxic staff.
    - Added ability to craft Toxic blowpipe.
    - Fixed Zulrah snakes respawning.
    - Added Zulrah drops to drop announcements.
    - Fixed Zulrah not moving.
    - Fixed Zulrah snakes not being aggressive.
    - Fixed Zulrah not dropping items.
    - Disabled purple sweets, quick-fire, and cannon at Zulrah.

    4/1/2016 - 4/2/2016
    - Added new Brawl event.
    - Helpful's prices are only changeable by staff.
    - Added Venom.
    - Added Zulrah's teleport tab.

    - Increased accuracy of helpful's prices.
    - Boss pets are now dropped every 1000 kills.
    - New april fool commands.

    - Fixed lending.
    - Fixed boss kill timers.
    - Fixed QBD room.
    - Adding egg to bunny conversion.

    - Fixed lending.
    - Added more items to f2p spawners.
    - Added some Zulrah combat.
    - Fixed coin vote reward.

    - New Phasma cape.
    - New lending system.
    - Made less ways for insane mode players to get coins.

    3/16/2016 - 3/17/2016
    - Players can thieve from npcs in combat.
    - Made starter difficulty interfaces easier to read.
    - Added Phasma cape.
    - Added Rayn cape.
    - Added insane mode to highscores.
    - Added demonic donator to highscores.
    - Added system that prevents people getting too many reward dollars.
    - Grand exchange take noted-item doesn't change your item into another item.
    - Added venom's effects.
    - Added combat animations to Zulrah.
    - Zulrah changes forms.
    - Added Zulrah's drops.

    - Added Zulrah models.
    - Added Zulrah's drops models.
    - Added Vorago models.
    - Added Vorago pet.
    - Added hide and seek minigame.

    - Fixed right-click spec option / special bars.
    - Added boss / minigame event manager for Supports+.
    - Added more light saber colors.
    - Added Change-color option to light sabers.
    - Added Spec option to special weapons.
    - Added Autocast option to staffs

    - Increased starter money amount.
    - Disabled ability to wear pets.
    - Disabled emotes in Duel Arena.
    - Disabled combat for people doing emotes.

    - Fixed hitpoints prayer stacking with valentine shield.
    - Added Torva / Zuriel / Morrigans / Virtus to pvpers in wild.
    - Increased chaotics in pvpers in wild.

    - Fixed lending items not returning.
    - New game mode (insane mode).
    - Fixed grand exchange lag.
    - Fixed file saving lag.
    - New mystery box.
    - Fixing trading some more.
    - Fixing assassin tasks.

    - Added new Daily Rewards system
    - Fixed parts of trading (removing all)
    - Fixed coins disappearing in trade after decline

    - Fixed parts of trading (coin overflow)
    - Fixed lending overlap
    - Fixed lending noted items
    - Removed bad hangman entries
    - Fixed attack speed of Tormented Demons
    - Fixed tax system
    - Fixed dice bag disappearing
    - Fixed items in trade disappearing

    - Increased accuracy of flamberge godsword
    - Removed cap from chickens (bet up to 2147M)
    - Players can gamble golden tickets at gambler
    - Double vote rewards every so often
    - New lending system (lend any item)
    - New tax system
    - Tormented demon drops fixed
    - Tormented demon attack speed lowered
    - Dungeoneering ring given to player during teleport

    - Started working on a in-game quest creator system.
    - Fixed some npc spawning troubles with ::customhome.
    - Added the ability deposit items to familiar from bank.
    - Added coral crossbow drop to grotworms.

    - Added Soda sword.
    - Added Light saber.
    - Added Valentine shield.
    - Gave Valentine shield healing effect.
    - Gave cool emotes to light saber.
    - Light saber does magic damage.

    - 3x referral tokens for Valentine weekend.
    - Quest progress saving after logout.
    - Less eating in clan wars.
    - Fixed boss spawning in Custom Home.
    - Fixed delays of range/magic to allow 1 ticking.

    - New referral rewards.
    - 2nd place etc prices for hangman.
    - Hangman entries can be removed.
    - Some npcs do gfxs.

    - You can change to harder difficulty.
    - Chaos dwarves can't be put in custom homes.
    - Prestige tokens amounts are correct.
    - Range capes pick up bolts like Ava's accumulator.
    - Hangman hints are less repetetive.

    - Helpful will always be logged in.
    - Fixed pkers teleporting often in wilderness.
    - Made questing system accessible to moderators.
    - Fixed interface switching (quest/account buttons).
    - Added page count to quest interfaces.
    - Fixed next/back buttons in quest interface.
    - Fixed quest progress action in quest interface.

    1/22/2015 - 2/1/2015
    - Added 5 pokemon (Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charmeleon, Arcanine, and Meowth).
    - Finished in-game quest creation system.
    - Fixed noxious scythe dcing people.
    - Fixed cannon 'no cannonball' spamming glitch.
    - Added Daren's Dildo.
    - Added text to Noxious.
    - Fixed nonalpha hangman characters.

    1/14/2016 - 1/21/2016
    - Wilderness bots risk more.
    - Rocks and trees respawn in customhomes after running out.
    - Spawners can pk wilderness bots.
    - Iron men can pk wilderness bots.
    - Wilderness bots safe less.

    - Objects in custom homes are now clipped (can't walk on them).
    - NPCs and Objects can't be spawned in one square at custom homes.
    - All objects should work in custom homes (except minigame and quest ones).

    - Increased Demonic donator drop rate.
    - Increased game mode droprates.
    - Fixed grave safespotting.
    - Made boss pets untradeable.
    - Changed boss pets drop rate from 1/2500 to 1/1000.
    - Increased accuracy of ::networth.
    - Redid donator panel colors.
    - Redid donator commands.
    - Added change name button to donator panel
    - Noxious decoys despawn automatically
    - Decreased Noxious decoy's attack timer
    - Added ::hangman
    - Fixed npcs not spawning at Custom home
    - Coins turn into golden tickets after they reach max cash

    - Only wearing weapons will reset your autocast spell.
    - Added favorite duel rule settings.
    - Added previous duel rule settings.
    - Fixed dds/boxing button (fun weapons).
    - Fixed pest control boat timer.
    - Added 'SHIELD' text for shielded portals in pest control.
    - Lowered pest control boat timer to 40 seconds.
    - Disabled Void knight's ability to attack players.

    - Added summoning message telling the player if they're missing items.

    - Fixed Noxios following people outside of ::noxious.
    - Made Noxious easier.
    - Fixed right click options (take etc) at Queen Black Dragon.
    - Removed the double hit at Queen Black Dragon.
    - Increased the damage timer on the platform at Queen Black Dragon.
    - Fixed dread nips attacking players.
    - Fixed spectate command on fixed/resizeable.
    - Fixed interfaces for dreadnips.
    - Fixed interfaces for familiars.
    - Fixed interfaces for pets.
    - The extra tab (noticeboard) automatically opens.
    - Added ban list for custom homes.
    - Added spawning rights for custom homes.
    - Added owner rights for custom homes.

    - Added Anarchy cape and purple sweets to Event token shop.
    - Added more attack styles to Noxious.
    - Added ::killstreak.
    - Teleport to House teleports the player to their house.
    - Fixed Zombies smuggle.
    - Added ::customhome.
    - Removed 20m general store limit.
    - ANYTHING can be sold to the Grand Exchange.
    - Added ::hexcolors (website for hex colors).
    - Fixed impling spawn times.
    - Raccoon spirit shield blocks all poison and reflected damage.

    1/2/2016 - 1/3/2016
    - Changed General store prices to reflect street prices.
    - Fixed no movement in Duel arena.
    - Fixed tying in Duel arena.
    - Added ::costume for donators.
    - Costumes go over clothes, but under armor.
    - Nearly 20 costumes can be chosen.
    - Added Noxious, Mythic donator boss. :):noxious)
    - Noxious drops Noxious scythe.
    - Noxious drops Raccoon armor.
    - Added stats for Raccoon armor / Noxious scythe.
    - Created combat class for Noxious Scythe.

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