Effective Chaos Elemental Guide (on a budget)

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    Here we have a guide on how to kill the chaos elemental with minimal cost and risk as well as methods of getting to them and escaping pkers, this guide is not 100% guarenteed to keep you safe and alive, you still run the risk of dying as it is the wilderness, however if you do encounter any toxic players whom you feel are camping you or abuse towards you please report them to one of our staff members, if you are reporting a staff member please report them directly to a Administrator or Owner.


    This is the best setup with minimal risk, if you can't use black dragon hide you can switch it out for anything else you can use, same with the whip if you can use that a dragon scimitar may take you longer to kill it, but it's still going to get the job done.

    Regardless of what anyone says, you are here to kill the chaos elemental and return home with the treasures she may gift you with. You will want to fill up your inventory with saradomin brews and a few restore flasks. If it comes to the point that someone else is there and they decide to attack you, you will have more than enough food to run to an escape route (unless you have a escape tab or the wilderness aura).

    LOOTING BAG (Drops from every wildy npc)
    The same as your inventory don't be afraid to fill that baby up, if you are risking some items you don't want to loose, keep a few slots clears so you can open your looting bag and take your gear off and quickly swap back to your inventory, this will protect your gear!

    Most servers don't have these working, but here at anarchy we do, so please make use of them! You can get to an obelisk at :: obelisk, from here is the fastest way to get to the high wilderness level chaos elementals, they will teleport you around the map, below is the locations of them and how they work. They are your friend when escaping pkers or just going home after killing chaos elementals.

    3 Locations of the chaos Elemental spawn locations below.

    Spot 1 (Green)
    Fastest way to get here is to tele to :: obelisk and run west.

    Spot 2 (Red)
    Fastest way here is to teleport to :: obelisk and use it until you reach the 52 wilderness spot (next to rouges den) and run east.

    Spot 3 (Blue)
    Fastest way here is to teleport to :: obelisk and use it until you reach the 52 wilderness spot (next to rouges den) and run west.


    Escape Methods
    If it comes to it and you are in a pickle, you will want to escape. The best method is to have a wilderness aura on hand, this will let you teleport from anywhere in the wildy and ignore teleblocks, it also has unlimited uses. You can get this by doing the Wilderness Achievement Diaries (see other thread in regards to diaries)

    The next best method is to carry and Emergency teleport, you can get these from the pk store at home. They cost 150k pvp tokens each and are 1 time use. They work the same way as the wilderness aura but are only 1 time use.

    Don't have any of these? No problem, you will want to use the obelisks to make your escape or to try and trick someone and teleporting them. Just use the map below and make sure you plan your route of first. If you can activate the obelisk and run to the other side (on the edge) so the person attacking you is stand in the teleport zone and your not, you will be able to then activate a different one and run away from them, if not you can stand on there and let it teleport you both and hope you end up in a low level to be able to teleport to ::home.

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