UPDATES [February 17th 2019] Boss Interface + Clue Scrolls

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    ⭐[February 17th 2019] Boss Interface + Clue Scrolls

    download (43).png

    February 12, 2019
    - New Rap playlist.
    - Icons no longer have white background.
    - Added youtuber icon.
    - Fixed Items Kept On Death interface.
    - Fixed losing items in Death Room.

    February 14, 2019
    - PvP Bots risk increased from 6m to 35m.
    - Players can buy items up to 35m from g.e.
    - Players can buy larger quantities from g.e.
    - Dragon platebody can be bought from g.e.
    - Removed annoying trees from Edgeville wilderness.
    - Grand exchange employees are more accessible at home.
    - Moved magic tree out of the way at home.
    - Moved obelisk out of the way at home.

    download (45).png

    February 16, 2019
    - New Boss interface released.
    - Available in Quest tab > Teleports > Boss Locations.
    - Bosses organized from easiest to hardest.
    - Interface shows boss's best drop.
    - Interface shows which prayer to use.
    - Sunfreet doesn't turn invisible.
    - Kamil spams less ice barrages.
    - Simon doesn't attack players through objects.
    - Examine shows price of item.
    - Red if price of item is very high.
    - Orange if price of item is high.
    - Right-click "spec" option now works.
    - Sunfreet's drop table now shows.

    download (46).png

    February 17, 2019
    - Improved slayer teleport system.
    - Slayer teleports bring player to correct location.
    - Spawn players can't use lootshare.
    - Medium Clue scrolls don't turn into easy clues.
    - Hard Clue scrolls don't turn into easy clues.
    - Elite Clue scrolls don't turn into easy clues.
    - Outdated clue scrolls are deleted when clicked.
    - Barney has NPC Drop tables at home.
    - Barney shows player's drop rate at home.
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    What is the update on clue scrolls? how much have you changed in it?.

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