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    This guide is not a walkthrough of every wave. This guide is mainly to help get you geared and give you a basic understanding of what to expect.

    How to Get There:
    Melee really is much faster for completing the caves/kiln quickly. If you really don't feel safe meleeing you can try to use a rune crossbow with ruby bolts setup.

    Melee Basic
    Death Cape, Blood necklace, Vesta/Statius, Divine ss, Berserker ring, Dragon boots, barrows gloves, Chaotic Rapier
    Melee Max
    Full Torva, Torva Spear, Death cape (e), ring of power (e), Blood necklace
    *Rocktails for combo eats
    *If using Torva Spear, make sure to switch attack style to Lunge/Stab
    *Can use saradomin's whisper over blood neckalce, but I personally like the passive healing.

    Gear that's not allowed:
    You'll find out very quickly that a LOT of gear is not allowed.
    Vanguard, Ghrazi rapier, Covid shield, Scythe, Abyssal Dagger, Nox swords, Custom armor, etc.

    Compared to OSRS, you basically start on Wave 31 (start of magers) and finish on wave 63 (Jad) for a total of 33 waves. Fight caves is VERY EASY. Just to give you an idea, I used only 4 brews and 2 restores using the Melee Basic setup.

    For the most part, you can just pray mage the entire time and just AFK with Auto Retaliate on. Just re-sip your overloads/prayer renewals when they run out.

    When you reach wave 33 (Jad) brew up to max hp.
    If he slams his feet on the ground - pray Range // If he goes up on his hind legs - Pray Mage
    - Keep your hp above 99 at all times, and you'll be fine. Use combo eats if you miss a prayer.
    - Jad only has 250 hp so you can usually kill it within 3-4 hits.

    Pro tip:
    Bring a Deathtouched Dart with you to use on Jad if you're nervous about it.

    Time to complete: 20-30 minutes
    Reward: Fire cape + 50 Sirenic Scrolls

    The Kiln is just a harder version of the Fight Caves. The monsters are all pretty much the same. There are just more of them at once and they look a little different.
    *Occassionaly monsters will drop "crystals" - DO NOT EAT THEM. Sometimes they bug out and don't wear off. If you eat a strength crystal for example - your strength will be boosted to 148, but all your other stats will be lessened to 48. It's just not worth it in my opinion. Just stick to your Overloads.

    Pray Mage against Zek > Pray Range against Xil > Else, Pray melee or soul split

    For one of the monsters, you need a pickaxe. As soon as you attack it, the game will spawn you a pickaxe. You need to hit it 3x with the pickaxe to break the shell, then you can kill it normally with your main weapon.

    The "hardest" part of the Kiln is the Double Jad. They attack on different ticks so you're able to pray flick them. But if you're nervous about dying this late into the fight, just bring an extra Deathtouched dart to insta kill one of them.

    Even easier than the Double Jad waves. You have to kill the tentacles as quickly as possible. Then as soon as the boss Reveals himself, you attack him. After he hides, just kill the tentacles again until the boss comes back. Repeat until Boss is dead.

    Pro tip:
    Bring a Deathtouched Dart for the Final Fight to save some time (be sure NOT to use it on the tentacles)

    Time to complete: 40min - 1hr
    Reward: Kiln cape (for first completion) + 100 Sirenic Scrolls
    - For every additional completion you can choose between 3 uncut onyx, or 3 variations of the kiln (Mage, Range, Melee) in addition to the 100 Sirenic Scrolls.
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