UPDATES [June 30th 2019] Added Shadow Dye (for Sirenic armor) + Ebony Boss

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    - Banned more customs from pvp.

    - Fixed wilderness spam drops.
    - Added Delrith to highscores.
    - Assassin task required kills increased.
    - Fixed Stealing Creation game not starting.
    - Fixed Clan Bank 2 withdrawing not working.
    - Fixed tome of fire.

    - Added Ebony boss.
    - Ebony is located north-west in white portal.
    - Ebony drops Ancient ceremonial magic armour.
    - Chaos Elemental spawns fixed.
    - Changed angelic donator zone area.
    - Added option on banks to disable dialogue.
    - Apprentices will correctly wear Completionist Cape.

    - Avernic Defender buffed.
    - Zaryte Bow attack speed buffed.
    - Golden mining outfit rarity increased.
    - Killcount fixed for Simon and Kamil.
    - Delrith killcount added.

    - Decreased hitpoint boost for Vanguard/Battle-mage/Trickster
    - Apprentice will be completionist if owner is completionist.
    - Apprentice will be VIP/MVP if owner is.
    - You can now trade your apprentice completionist cape.
    - Farming pet is now obtainable.
    - Vip package is tradable.
    - Bunny Ears drop rate bonus decreased to 20%.

    - Corporeal beast is now in Raids between Gobby and Vorago.
    - You can now trade apprentices untradables.
    - Shadow Sirenic is now cosmetic only, and provides no extra bonuses.
    - Golden Mining Outfit is now obtainable from the Lava Flow Mines.
    - MVP gets 200 extra bank slots.
    - VIP gets 100 extra bank slots.
    - Regular players get 500 bank slots.

    - Queen black dragon drops shadow dyes.
    - Use one shadow dye on a sirenic piece to create dyed sirenic.
    - Rare monster drops now show the npc's name you received the item from in chat.
    - Fixed ;;max command for skilling tasks.
    - Chaos elemental spawn every 20 minutes.
    - Added boss teleports to boss-token shop.
    - Imbued rings added to pk point shop.

    - Added bots to pest control.
    - Spawners can't use dtd in pest control.
    - You need 2500 minutes playtime to duel or fp someone.
    - If you are completionist, so is your apprentice.
    - Reworked ;;max (Skilling tasks).
    - Earn deathtouched darts with skilling points.
    - Added emergency tele to pvp shop.
    - Emergency teleport(can tele away if teleblocked)

    - Reduced drop rate for Anarchy Shield.
    - Fixed amount of boss kills for certain bosses on assassin tasks.
    - Added Mercenary Mage and Gobby to Boss Kills list.
    - Reduced cost of Anarchy Boots.
    - You can no longer lose Pk Master Cape on death.

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