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Discussion in 'Goals & Achievements' started by Mama Bear, Jun 1, 2021.

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    1. Complete Comp Cape
    2. Complete Infinity Gauntlets (6/6 stones completed)
    3. Switch to Hardcore Deadman mode xp rate, re-max
    4. Get lvl 120 all skills on HCDM xp rate (4/20 skills completed)
    5. Get Malevolent or Elite Torva for Apprentice
    6. Dagannoth Ring and Pet
    7. Save 1000 Elite Boxes for a big opening (500/1000 opened)
    8. Get Venom Sword (took me around 2k boxes)
    9. 1000 Nex kc (200/1000 kc)
    10. Get Elite Donator status
    11. Get 2 Anarchy Shield from mvp zone (2/2 completed)
    12. Acquire all drops from Corporeal Beast
    13. to be continued..
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    Very close to infinity gauntlet!! 1,000 Elite Boxes not sure anyone has had that many yet, so could be massive. 2nd Anarchy Shield should be one of the easier ones, also getting all drops from corporeal beast.

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