Muddy keys guide (Foami)

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    Muddy Keys

    How to obtain a muddy key?
    Muddy keys are a random drops from monsters.
    One good way to get them is to set your apprentice(if you are legendary donator and above) to fight slash bash.
    Turn on bankdrops(game point rewards ::gpr), all the loot from the apprentice will be sent to your bank.

    Where do I use them?
    The key can be used at the muddy chest located in the middle of the lava maze.
    Every other key can be used at home, muddy keys are the only exception.
    The fastest way of getting there is by going to King Black Dragon teleport(Quest tab > Teleports > Bosses > King Black Dragon)
    Exit the lair into the surface. Make sure you already have the
    knife added to your toolbelt, as it is needed to slash the web.

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    (Photo from Official OSRS Wiki)

    You can't directly teleport back using the ::home command nor open remote bank with the ::bank command as it's too deep in the wilderness.
    DO NOT bring too many keys and open all at one go, as the items will drop on the ground once your inventory is filled up.
    Fastest way back home is by going back down to the cave, using the ::home command to get home.

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