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    Thank you for visiting my guide! I am by no means an expert on the Anarchy Server. I have only started about 3-4 days ago at the time of writing this, but I have a huge grasp on UIM already!

    Color Key
    Item Needed
    Talk to Person/Object
    Text Command
    Req. Stats

    Just remember that and keep on reading!

    Creating Ultimate Iron Man
    To get the free $3200 donator status just follow exactly what you see:
    1. Iron Man (1x + Restrictions)
    2. Deadman Mode (Yes.)
    3. Ultimate Iron Man Mode (No Bank Access + Heroic)
    It is as simple as that. Now you have a more realistic, pain in the butt, free heroic donator account. Don't forget you also get a boost in EXP and Drop Rate, but if you die then you lost 3/4th of all EXP. You get 1 free death. The rest you need to buy with Dollars (in-game currency).

    First Up On The List

    First thing you want to do is go to the "Insane" or "Ultimate" vendor, open the shop, and purchase all the tools to add to your tool belt.

    After that, type - ::demonic
    Run over and talk to Mysterious Old Man and purchase Demonic Donator Cape.

    Then type - ::tz
    No need to move, just inspect Season Tree (giant tree to the North). Purchase 250x Purple Sweets for 14m, and 1x Inferno Adze for 75gp. Next, run around till you find Radimus Erkle and purchase Supreme Harmony for 1gp because why not!

    Equip the Demonic Donator Cape and Supreme Harmony, then follow this quick quest guide for Sheep Shearer courtesy of Brayden. **Note** UIM only needs 20x Balls of Wool, and you get 1x Shears on the first talk with Fred the Farmer. Just type ::erin after getting the Shears, and you know what next if you read the guide.

    After that quest is finished and you get 1x Quest Point, type ::skilling and go level mining and smithing to 15, then craft 25 Iron Bars (don't forget, you can store items inside your Apprentice). Immediately after crafting those bars, follow this quest guide on Zomboys Headphones courtesy of Brayden. Finishing this quest will net you a total of 2x Quest Points.

    Next quest to start is Dwarf Cannon which is another quick quest point (courtesy of Brayden). Finishing it will net you a total of 3x Quest Points. Then start Christmas War to net you a total of 5x Quest Points (to progress faster and avoid dying from whoever randomly placed crap just keep typing ::chickens to navigate from that safe point, also, there is no actual killing involved unlike what the guide said).

    For the final 3 quests, you want to do, once again, no combat is actually involved. You'll want to do: Dance Murder, Illegal Quest 1, and Illegal Quest 2. Illegal Quests 1 & 2 don't have guides, pretty much just read and pay attention and it's quite simple. After finishing all of these quests you will have exactly 10 Quest Points so SAVE THEM.

    Starting Progression
    What You Will Need to Get:
    • 18500 Training Points (Buy a Kratonite Spear/Rapier for 3500 Points, and a Katagon Rapier/Spear for 15k Points)
    • 75,000 Ecto-Token's (Buy an Amulet of Fury for 75k). If you decide to keep farming, buy a second Fury for your apprentice (150k total).
    • Train 1 - 60 Attack FIRST
    • Train 1 - 70 Defense SECOND
    • Train 1 - 70 Strength THIRD
    • Train 60 - 70 Attack FOURTH
    • Train 1 - 43 Prayer from Bones (dropped from Ice Fiend, Ice Spider) once around 30 Combat Level only kill Ice Elementals for Big Bones.
    • Train 43 - 70 (70 for now or even 99) on Slash Bash in the same zone for easy access to the Altar.
      - Optional: Teleport to Cows and pick up a Chargebow and Staff of Air to level Range + Magic to 50.
    Just A Couple of Things to Remember:
    1. Use all Spins (extra on task bar) on Squeal of Fortune (not Super). Use the Addy/Rune/Dragon you get from it until you have 70 Att/Def/Str. After 70+ in those stats only take Lamps, Spins, or super expensive better equip.
    2. Every death on your apprentice costs 250k to resurrect. So you will need to level him as well and get equivalent gear to keep him alive. Don't take doubles for granted!
    3. Whenever you ::vote always pick Deathtouched Dart unless you have almost no gold then get the 50m gold.


    Once you have 70 Attack, 70 Strength, 70 Defense, 70+ Prayer, then immediately type ::skilling and run to the Quest Shop and buy exactly these three things: Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, and a Chaotic Weapon of your choice (I personally picked Rapier, and don't forget Chaotic weapons need 80+ Dungeoneering to equip). Don't forget to equip the chest and tassets!

    Also, try to kill Revenant Imps + for a chance to get Ring of Wealth (e). That will help with your drop rate! You will not be able to heal here, so try to kill the Imp only and have ::skilling typed in chat ready to spam the Enter key in-case someone shows up to PK.

    Under Stats (quest icon) < Teleports < 2. Minigames
    • Do the Barrows Chest Minigame for a Helmet Slot, any melee helms should work since it's only temporary.
    • Do the Recipe For Disaster for Culinaromancer's Gloves 10 for the Hands Slot.
    • Do the Warriors Guild if you want to get the Bronze-Dragon Defender(s).
    • Do the Stealing Creation to level various skills faster! You will get absurd amounts of Skill Stones (20-40), so make sure you have high-alch mats to turn the stones over for 2.5m/ea. Since you have limited space, it's best to just alch them for now until you start getting up there in gear.
    After all of this is done you are officially ready to adventure. If you follow all of this you should be basically ready to do almost anything you need to, even progress further or just start getting skilling out of the way. Oh yeah, at most this will only take a day or less to do! :)

    A Couple of Commands to Save:
    ::moredrops (chance on more drops, 10k/hr)
    ::coindrops (items less than 100k are turned into gold, 10k/hr)
    ::betterdrops (rarer drop chance, 30k/hr)
    ::morexp (non-combat, 30k/hr)

    Thanks again for reading!​
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    I see lots of effort, nice guide. Try adding some screenshots next time, so you dont need to explain every details.
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    Thank you! I planned on it, but as you may remember my character is kind of messed up until I can catch Kitkat.

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