Ultimate Epic Mode V2 Guide

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    Game points:
    1. ::hidegamepoints to hide game point messages.
    2. ::bankdrops and ::drops to choose which drops are sent to bank.

    All of the following weapons and armor should be easy to get as drops, as epic mode has very high drop rate.

    Armor / weapons:
    1. At first, you will probably want a Carapace dagger OR Coral crossbow.
      • King sand crabs will drop Carapace dagger AND Coral crossbow. Sand crabs will drop ONLY Carapace dagger. (Sand crabs are north of home, across bridge)
      • TIP: You can get Obliteration (infinite runes) from Slash bash, then kill sand crabs with barrage spells. Sand crabs is multi, and it's easy to kill 5+ of them at a time.
    2. For raids, you will want a Raccoon shield. It blocks damage from Mercenary mage and Sunfreet.
      • Noxious will drop Raccoon shield. He can be found in Quest tab > Teleports > Bosses.
    3. For drops, you will want a Ring of Wealth (e). It double drops frequently, and gives extra drop rate.
      • Revenants drop Ring of Wealth (e). You can get there quickly with ::wests. However, Epic mode can attack other Epic mode, careful.
    4. For instakill, you will want a Death cape.
      • King Black Dragon drops Death cape.
    5. For a really good melee weapon, you will want Obsidian scythe. It hits 3 times on large monsters.
      • Sal's worm drops Obsidian scythe. He can be found in Quest tab > Teleports > Bosses.
    6. For really good melee armor, you will want Malevolent, Justiciar, or Elite Torva.
      • Vorago drops Malevolent. However, he is really hard.
      • Raids 2 gives Justiciar. You can use ::raids2 (name) to start Raids 2.
      • Nex drops Elite Torva.
    7. For really good range armor, you will want Superior Death Lotus, Sagittarian, or Sirenic.
      • Raids 2 gives Superior Death Lotus.
      • Tokhaar boss drops Sagittarian. Tokhaar boss is in Raids.
      • Sirenic Jad drops Sirenic Scales, which are used on Sagittarian to make Sirenic armor (9 scales required). In order to get to Sirenic Jad, you must complete Fight Caves / Fight kiln. Then, you will click on the Sirenic Scrolls.
    8. For really good mage armor, you will want Superior Sea Singer's, or Tectonic.
      • Raids 3 gives Superior Sea Singers. But raids 3 is insanely hard.
      • Chaos Elemental drops Tectonic. Chaos Elemental spawns in 3 different places in the wilderness. There is a guide for the locations.

    1. The best moneymaker in-game is probably Noxious items.
      • Noxious items come from Araxxor (Morytania Easy diaries are required to fight Araxxor).
      • Araxxor's cave is north of Mort'ton (There should be a guide on how to get to Araxxor).
    2. Another really good moneymaker is Raids.
      • Raids loot can include items 100B+, mainly in Raids 2.
      • Use ::raids2 to start your own raids 2, or use ::raids2 (name) to join raids 2.
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